968 Brewmaster Monk - LF Late Night Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi Guys,

As the title states I am a 968 Brewmaster Monk looking for a Late Night Raiding Guild ideally after 21:30-22:00 Server Time as raid start time.


I am currently 1/10M due to stopping raiding with current guild very shortly after our first Mythic Raid. For reference that current guild is now 8/11M.


I am able to make any night after the above mentioned times, earlier times may work on some nights.

<Classes Playable>

In regards to the classes I can play obviously my main is the Brewmaster Monk but I also have the ability to play either my Blood DK or Prot Pally but both will be in need of gearing as they are on the lower side of Ilvl.


If you wish to ask any questions or get in touch please add my RealID at Draugarth#21594!
maby its you we are looking for we are a guild that social with progress we got 11/11 hc and 1/11 mythic atm

we raid on wednesday thursday and monday for progression and we raid fun normal raid on friday for people who like raiding with a beer.

raidtimes are 20:15 untill 23:00

if you like take contact with us https://discord.gg/CgngU9R

hope to hear you soon

regards ricopol

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