9/11M xp hunter lf guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey, im 6/11M with king,vari and coven 10 percent xp also ex hard core history.

Looking for decent raiding guild with proper mythic mindset. For antorus and bfa.

Transfer possible.
Hi Laethea,

Rather than bore you with a copy & pasted recruitment post, here's why I want you to apply to Team Cobra:

- We've been recruiting another Hunter for a long time for a core roster spot.

- Your current progress matches ours, at 6/11M.

- We're on your realm (Draenor, Horde), so no need for a realm transfer.

We're a relatively new guild but cleared 6/11M in our first mythic raiding week together and have Kin'Garoth on 10% in about 13 pulls. It will die for sure next week. This is a guild that WILL get Cutting Edge this tier.

For more information on our guild, including raid times etc, our recruitment post is here:


I really hope you'll consider us and please feel free to contact me ingame or on Discord:

Discord - Zarfen#8370)
BattleNet - BestDruidEU#2151
Sounds good man, but Id like to stick to regular raid times 19-24 whatever.
Hey there Laethea!

I might have something interesting for you, if your willing to take a (little) step down in progress.

Check out this link:

Feel free to add me on real-id: Gruuwelijk#2460 if you wish to know more :)
Hey Laethea.

<Excesse> Haomarush is a 9/11 horde guild that's just starting on Aggramar.
We have 1 ranged dps spot open and 0 hunters.
We're raiding 3 days (wednes, thurs & sunday) 19.30-23.00
Alt raid on fridays for those not out drinking and M+ all day every day.

If this is sparks some interrest, please contact me on Poe#2713
Also do you have any logs?
Once Again are a Horde guild on Kazzak, We are a very active guild with a good roster but we do have some improvements to make and we believe that you will be a great addition to the team.

We raid Wed,Thur and Mon from 22:00 till 01:00 ST (9/11M) so a late night guild but it means playing with mature people who know when to have a good laugh but also when to get serious.

Outside of raids we play mythic + 15 and above, Old raids for laughs and giggles and a lot of other games like pubg, lol, dota its a long list.

If you are interested you can message me on alex1137#2920

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