Emerald Dream / Terenas
You may have realm-transferred to ED to join a specific guild, and maybe it hasn't worked out for you, or perhaps your current raiding environment makes you anxious and stressed out. There really is a better way, and it IS possible to find a guild that you actually ENJOY spending time in.

Come and meet us and see for yourself!

We are an English speaking guild on Emerald Dream/Terenas that has been around for 13+ years.

We have a pleasant, open atmosphere that many are surprised by when they first join, and stay because they enjoy it.

We are currently recruiting more raiders due to some of our members having to focus on IRL more at the moment, which is absolutely fine, because to us, someone's wellbeing is more important than hardcore progression...however...we do love raiding!

So we'd like to bolster our ranks (you read that in Thalyssra's voice didn't you?) by welcoming new raiders who are like-minded and seek to progress on mythic in a calm, structured manner.

Our members age range is 22 to 40+ with some having played since Vanilla and others having joined the game as recently as Cataclysm and beyond.

We are a mixture of Dutch, Swedish, Danish, English, Finnish, Belgian, Swiss and there's even a German who refuses to play on German servers, because reasons. Occasionally he can be persuaded to call out raid warnings in German, which results in much hilarity...especially on Kingaroth...LASERSTRAHL! ACHTUNG!

We use English to communicate, because the English are lazy and most only know one language - and that's about as harsh a joke as you will hear on our voice comms, for which we use Discord.

Anyone with sufficient gear (normal/heroic Antorus) is welcome to contact me for a trial, or if you are just returning to the game, and are intending to raid, but would like to join somewhere with kind, non-elitist members, as a social, please contact me as well.

Trials last 2-3 weeks max, and if you aren't cut out for Mythic raiding, you are always more than welcome to stay on a social basis and join Mythic +, and work on your skills. Our players are happy to help with advice for people who are unsure of the current meta builds etc.

We raid 2 nights a week, and although this is currently Thursday/Monday from 20h00 -23h00 (CET) server time (or 19h00-22h00 GMT), we are considering altering these days to suit our group best. Please contact me for details. When a new raid is released, we usually add a completely optional 3rd raid to help gear players early on.

Our current progress is 2/11 Mythic. 11/11 HC.

We provide raid feasts, flask cauldrons and are able to help with enchants and gems where needed, all we ask in return is that you are a reliable adult (21+) who enjoys raiding, and isn't a megalomanical loot !@#$%. (We use RCLootcouncil and loot is distributed in a fair and equitable manner.) To date, I have yet to witness an argument over loot - clearly our system works well and everyone benefits.

To see more of our guild's activity, please visit our website at mythicraiding.com and either use the contact page there, or add me in-game if you would like further information about the guild.
Artenesse#2124 - Lariel#2628 - Mith#2828 - Theonus#2461

You can also type /who Exiles if you are on ED/Terenas, and ask if there is an officer online.

Come and join us!
please contact me in game had some problems.

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