[H] Heretic Legion - Draenor; Needs you!

Looking for Players – PvE
Greetings all!

<Heretic Legion> is a relatively newly formed guild run by ex HC raiders. So a bit about us;

Our current roster of players have 11/11 HC Antorus. The guild master and a few officers are ex hardcore raiders from wrath up until MoP when Seige became stale. We are by no means elitist though. We enjoy having fun between pulls during progression.

Primarily we aim to build our team to down mythic BFA content, however we want a friendly community as well as serious raiders. We will be running Mythic plus on off days or helping others do various activities. Casual and social players are always welcome and would be able to participate in any guild activity (except mythic progression).


Currently in need of DPS melee/ranged.

Raid times;

We will be raiding 3 nights a week with the option of weekends of people want to

Mon/Wed/Thurs 8pm to 11pm server time.

Contact info;

Líora - ImNotATurkey#2596
Kymene - Insomnesia#2176

We look forward to hearing from you!
Would you happen to be on Draenor?
Yes, we're on Draenor :)
Still looking for ranged dps and healer :)

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