Do you judge characters based off names?

01/03/2018 00:52Posted by Tahamine
01/03/2018 00:30Posted by Oldmangeorge
I mean more like the occasional topics about people spazzing out because of something minor like eyebrowes sticking trough helms and acting like its the end of the world
Ehh, it is annoying having my eyebrows stick out the helm xD.

Ruins the mog :p

Though, those are a very few minority if anything :p

Yeah but they tend to be a rather vocal minority wich makes a drama about such small things, wich is why especially on the forums have a bit of a steretype due to this. Can't say i have had any problems in dungeons or world quests when people from argent dawn join.
Yes, I do, and I think a lot of people do (completely guessing, but I'm assuming). I don't like names with different letters that aren't on my keyboard because I can't type their name in chat. I heard PvPers hate pvping with Russians, so I'm guessing they judge by the Russian text.
Once, some ppl wanted me to join a guild called "WoW Of Warcarft"...

No, just no, its as bad as when ppl say "RIP in Peace" >.<
I generally stay away from the following

People with "Dk" or their class in the name
People with memes in the name
People who use lol. like Athenelol.
People named after Lord of the Rings, Arthas, or any other in game character.

and that's about it usually...
On occasion, yes. If a name just screams "stupid" to me on a fundamental level, I avoid them. I'm not going to start kicking people from dungeons or anything though.
Whenever i see someone with "Boi" in their name i assume they're 12.
Only the extremer ones. Illidankz and such...
I'm not overly sensitive and I like clever lewd/rude names but the ones that are just plain crass I roll my eyes at. :p
If their name is in cyrillics I assume they are there to invade.
I hope not. When i made this char all names i wanted was already taken so i googled "Viking names" and combined "Rune" and "dag" in to Runedag. It was not untill later i realised that people might think i am meaning "runes" as in the resource that DK's use :/ FML.

Normaly i try and get names of ppl i know IRL and if that fail i just take a name of a Pr0nstar.

I try and avoid people with dumb names my self.
people with dumb names - when I don't know them I always treat them like people less smart (or just stupid). To be honest I can not expecting much from "Iwillsapyou", "Eatmydotz", "Velfhunter" or something similar.
Hi! I'm Alum, tinker of Gnomeregan. Fabulous engineering plans were revealed to me when I raised my arclight spanner above my head and said, "By the spinning of Flywheel, I HAVE ROTATION INERTIA!"
Sometimes I go a little overboard, but I don't judge others based on their name choice.
Literally the only names I avoid are the ones in Cyrillic (for obvious reasons)
I see a lot of imo retarded names in my native language Swedish. Don't remember this being a thing before. When I returned to WoW after many years of absence I couldn't help to notice 50% of the community seems to consist of 16-year old Swedes with weird names.

Whenever I see someone like that my prejudiced mind makes up an image of a blonde little guy called Tobias or Jimmy who is a sugar addict and who, although not movement impaired in any way, drives his electric wheelchair to the fridge in order to get his next Pepsi served in a crystal decanter.
I don't judge them but I can giggle a little bit when their Swedish name means something obscene or totally inappropriate. Poor people who get pwnd by one of these characters.
No I don't, unless it's written in Cyrillic. Just personal bad experiences, that's all.
Btw I find it funny that 90% of people here saying they don't mind have immersion breaking names themselves :P
I never judge anyone by their name.
I also get whispers everyyyy day when someone likes my name, not one single "oh your name is so bad" so far
01/03/2018 10:52Posted by Rileyraid
I never judge anyone by their name.
I also get whispers everyyyy day when someone likes my name, not one single "oh your name is so bad" so far

I doubt you get whispers every day saying they like it :P
i hope not... although would explain why i dont get many invites and people avoid me like the plague! ^^ (joke)

I dont judge people by names.

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