Holy pala looking for M+ dungeon guild

Looking for Players – PvE

i have all healer classes but now i play my holypala really liking m+dungeons and want to find guild with likeminded people (current guild is long dead).
I mostly play on weekends and some days during week when friends are online, but cant go hardcore because of kids. I like voicechat so the experience becomes more of a team effort, but not mandatory. Screamers and people that ragequit doesent need to bother contacting me.
If interested my BT is #2145
Best regards
Hey krarac, was just wondering if you was interested in faction/server change as my guild <The Demons within> On the Magtheridon server are recruiting new members.
We are a casual raiding guild but when we are not taking part in progressing through Antorus HC (mon,wed,sun), we run daily mythic+ dungeons as well as other ingame events such as lvling alts , running old content and doing guild achievements.
We are a chilled guild with a relaxing atmosphere that enjoys playing the game together and having a laugh on our discord server as well as we always try to help each other.
If interested please add me on my b.net :- Nekochi#2301 and we can have a chat ^^
Happy gaming!

that sounds like a nice guild. I just found out i wil be without internet in 2 weeks because cable is not in the ground att our new house. So after that ill peob call u up
Best regards

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