Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt2)

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My name is neno
and im from croatia
i hope to meet some nice people from england:=)
13/07/2018 12:09Posted by Ruurdark
My name is neno
and im from croatia
i hope to meet some nice people from england:=)

Why only from England?
12/06/2018 18:38Posted by Verithorn
About me
Hello there!, I'm a Guy from Sweden that have alot of Love toward Video Games!, I started to game really Early with Games!, my first game were DOOM 64.

I'm currently 23 [I don't mind your Age]

I'd Say that i'm Mature - Chill.

I'm Both Horde and Alliance!

I've been Playing WoW since The Burning Crusade, and i'm an Altoholic!
So these are my Characters!.

110's: 41 [Including the 4 Allied Races]
101 Twinks: 2 [a Druid and a DH]

Playing time
It Deppends on my Sleeping Pattern!, its kinda Screwed up at the Moment, but i will try get into the Normal Pattern!

Up for
LFR - Normal Raiding / 2v2 Arenas [To farm Honor only, so not a Srs Push] / Transmog Hunting! / Mythic+ [1 - 10] / Achievement Hunting

Other interests
Steam Games! / Anime / Manga / Nintendo Games! / Writing Stories, along playing around with Photoshop!.
[My Goal is to become a Story-Telling Author]

Battletag: Abs0lute#21968

Also i'll be spamming Dungeons as Tank when BFA Drops, so if you'd like to join me, just send me an Add! I will be Starting to Level a Hordie![Demon Hunter Tank]

Add me if you wann do any of those Up For!
However i might be alittle Busy with Mage Tower on Alts!.
But that does not stop me from Answering PMs :)!

13/07/2018 17:36Posted by Tifa
13/07/2018 12:09Posted by Ruurdark
My name is neno
and im from croatia
i hope to meet some nice people from england:=)

Why only from England?

13/07/2018 17:36Posted by Tifa
13/07/2018 12:09Posted by Ruurdark
My name is neno
and im from croatia
i hope to meet some nice people from england:=)

Why only from England?

I dont know",
We croats like england so much!
And they have good sense of humor!
Hey guys I'm a returning player, I played wow in wrath of the lich king and now I have returned to play BfA, my friend list is basically everyone offline since I haven't played for years a lot of my friends quit playing wow so I decided to return to see what's going on here... I live in Spain currently so I know spanish and english.

Age: 21

Faction: Alliance only

Playtime: Everyday, im currently leveling a warrior in Ravencrest

Looking For: Basically anything, chatting, leveling, dungeon, raids, i'm not a casual player but also not a pro one, I guess i'm average for now because i'm new to this WoW.

Battletag: Shalker96#2595
Age: 25+

Personality: dramallama

Side: Horde

Chars: Warlock

Role: (DPS)

Spec: Affliction

Playing time: Mostly fri-sat.

Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc.

Other interests: Many.

Battletag: Sin#21343
Looking for EU based players ideally

Honestly i'm just looking for people to actually level with and who can maybe help me get better, im not fussed about what faction or realm I play.
I have levelled this charecter solo and dont feel like doing it again, i have pretty much all heirlooms so can level faster if you would want.

I play most days, mainly in the afternoons

Feel free to add my BattleTag Celdo93#2393
Greetings :)

About Me:

Age: 20

Personality: Laid back, Friendly, Helpful

Play Times: Honestly everyday for at least 5+ hours and if I am not on wow I am usually on some other game

Faction: I play both factions and enjoy both of them really

Class: Blood Elf Monk lvl 110, Human Death Knight lvl 110, Human Mage 110, Orc Shaman 110.

Looking for: Someone to play with (I do any kind of content really, PvE, PvP, RP

Other interests: Reading, other games (steam, other games and so on)
u might want to format ur post a bit :P
Hopefully that improved it a bit.
Hey all :)

Hope you all enjoy coming back to game, I Been playing since 2005. now 38 and live in UK! :)
Add me to Friends if you want to play or my community.
Horde Player -

Battletag jesse#2481

I run a guild in game now and own a WOW community.
http://www.GloryForTheHorde.TK (Many people like you on there)
Sign up to discord and join our new community when they set it up.

Thanks. Hopefully will speak to you all in game soon.

Age: does this matter? (bloody old in other words) {oh all right i am 48 probs oldest here}

Playtimes: every day and as much of it as i can

Faction: both but mostly horde (only 4 toons at 110 on ally)
Horde: eu-saurfang, eu-darkspear, eu-terokker
Ally: eu-darkspear, eu-wildhammer

Class: one of everything

Looking for: just more people to chat with quest, dungeon, pvp

Additional Information: I run a guild on saurfang called broken
more info:looking really for people on my connected realms
Sup lads

Age 18

Playtimes most days

Faction Alliance and also contemplating some horde toons

Class My main is a warrior but i plan on making more active alts

Looking for More people to hang out with and talk to. That also like hunting down stuff like achievements, mounts transmog etc

Additional Information I play on Argent Dawn and have a small group of friends that are looking for more people

Battletag KooManKee#2822
About me:

Age: 22

Personality: Talkative

Realm: Magtheridon

Side: Alliance

Chars: Outlaw Rogue, Havoc DH, Affli Warlock, Retri Paladin

Playing time: Every day but I don't have time schedule so I just play whenever I want

Up for: PvP battlegrounds, arenas, raiding (both old and new raids), mythic dungeons, old content, questing, achievements

Other interests: got plenty of those

Battletag: Kero#2199

About me:

Age: 47

Personality: geek, can be introverted but will come out of my shell once you get to know me

Side: Alliance

Realm: Argent Dawn - EU

Chars: Prot Paladin (main) and experimenting with a Shadow Priest

Playing time: most days now. Had unsubbed for 6 months as bored & fed up with elitism in PUGs (usual iLvl/achievement rubbish) but looking to get back into it.

Up for: Mythic+ & raiding - in a new guild looking to get back into group content for BfA without the egos and elitism. Personally want to promote "raids for the rest of us" rather than only accepting people with Ahead of the Curve. Am not into RP despite being on an RP realm.

Battletag: Grondah#2962
Im looking for friendly ppl to play whit, im 32, father of 2 children and i like to play wow as much as i can, im playing on server Draenor and on Horde side, i have 5 lvl 110 character, im friendly and always willing to help

Battletag Froggymclip#2309
Hey forum :)

Age: 27

Language: English and Romanian.

Server: Draenor, horde only.

I,m a casual player, looking for anyone to play with. I.m friendly,chill,loyal, have lots of patience and i.m playing for fun. I play alone at the moment, dont have irl friends to play with, so feel free to add me :)

Chars: Frost Mage, Spriest, Elemental( my 3 favorite specs). I dont know what to main in BFA but i.m leaning towards frost mage.

Up for: anything from picking flowers to raids,m+,bgs.

I love the Metro games (cant wait for Exodus :P ) and anything from classic rock to black metal \m/.

Btag: xBloodDragon#2603

See ya in game.
Hi!, so Communities is now available ingame!
So i decided to make a Horde and a Alliance Community for you who's looking for friends DIRECTLY ingame!, this way we become a HUGE Guild!, where you dont have to add eachother to play with eachother!

Battle Net Community!:



Just click the faction you're looking for friends on!.
I checked and Blizzards website even tells you how to join the Community!.

Ofcourse Sylvanas if you join i'll give you Officer!, as its thank to you this thread even Exists!

Go out there find new Friends to play with :D!
Hope to see you soon :)!

The only Rule we will have it To be Nice to eachother!

It seems like you have to Re-Enter the code on alts etc!.
Age: 25

Personality: Chill, extrovert, easily amused by dumb bugs, jokes and puns.

Side: Horde and Alliance


All, but Shaman, Mage, Paladin and Warlock at 110.

Playing time: Whenever I feel like it

Up for: Helping, endlessly discussing, PvP.

Other interests: Coffee, music (playing instruments), video editing

Battletag: Bazead#1557

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