5/11 Guardian druid looking for new home!

Looking for Players – PvE
As in the title, I am a 5/11 guardian druid that have to find a new mythic raiding home.
Can play any class and spec, but obviously preferable spot is tank.
Add me on btag Ivar#21250 if you want to chat!
Hey there,

If you are looking into the possibility of re-rolling/changing server and faction chage we are currently looking for any class / spec in order to rejuvenate our ranks! :)

Hybrid Species are one of the oldest guilds from Haomarush, we got casual and experienced players plus some few good M+ teams and we have [HC] Antorus - on farm.

Our connected realms are Stormreaver/Spinebreaker/Vashj/Dragonmaw.

Our Raiding schedule would be: Wednesday & Thursday (plus Sunday & Monday if we are progressing) 20:00 - 23:00 server time, CET, UTC +1

If you want more details give me a shout on siviny#2517 (Sinistru-Haomarush)


We, <Stheno> (Tarren Mill) are currently looking for additional players to get our guild back to raiding. We have a stable team of 15 core-players who are at this moment in need of 5/10 players to join our ranks to continue our journey in Antorus Mythic.
We are on 5/11M Progression but stuck at the time being due to some of our members who stopped playing. If you wish to know more or have a chat please add me us b-tag: Gruuwelijk#2460 or Sven#2832
To all asking : not going to spend money to get into lower progressed guild, sorry.

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