Returning Mythic Raider LF Guild! Read!

Looking for Players – PvE

My name is Danny and I'm currently returning to the game after a few months away!

I have been playing since late Cata and have been raiding since MoP at mythic level...

I'm a multi class player having progressed mythic as Tank, DPS and Healer through all different raid tiers.

I got to 11/11 HC antorus and 1/11 Mythic but then took a break soon after.

Currently looking to rerole ready for BFA so we could discuss what suits the guild etc.

I got my first cutting edge FoS in Emerald Nightmare where I did progress as a Protection Paladin :)

I'm currently looking for a guild which has a good social atmosphere and is looking for a non hardcore approach to raiding!

I enjoy pushing M+ keys too :)

Add me for any info - Danny#22563

Thanks in advance
[H][EU]<Tough Crowd> 6/11M
About Us:
Tough Crowd is a semi-hardcore guild on Twisting-Nether EU currently looking for people to bolster our Mythic raiding roster.

Tier Progress:
►EN - 7/7M
►NH 9/10M
►TOS 6/9M
►Antorus 6/11M

Raiding Schedule:
►Wed 20:30 - 23:30
►Thur 20:30 - 23:30
►Sun 20:30 - 23:30

► Addons (The Below Addons/programs are a must)
- Discord
- RCLootCouncil
- Exorsous raidtools
- DBM or Bigwigs (obviously)
- Weakauras
► You must know and understand your class as well as being equipped appropriately for mythic progress.

What we can offer:
► A good Atmosphere.
► Players who will always try and help with m+ on Mains & Alts.
► Stable and active raiding environment.
► Weekly HC Alt Runs.

What we expect from you:
► 90%+ Attendance (this is the most important factor to us)
► Can communicate and understand English well.
► A good understanding of the current raid tier.
► Ability to handle some friendly banter.
► You are expected to know your class.
► Preferably have Mythic experience, either in Antorus or older raid tiers.

Current Openings:
►Most DPS Spots are being considered that said we are more interested in your performance and attendance than what spec you are playing.
►Demon Hunter(Havoc), Druid(balance), Priest(shadow), Rogue, Shaman(Enh) are all High Priority.
►Druid(Feral),Monk(WW),Paladin(ret),Shaman(Ele) Are of medium priority.

Exceptionally skilled players considered regardless of our recruitment status to help us continue our success and future content.

How to apply:
Contact either myself through pm's or by replying to this post. You can also contact us on bnet by contacting: Rizzlekicks#21303 or Agpenny#1689.

If you are open for server/faction change Tavern of Vikings might be place for you to sink your feet in.

For more information please see

If intrested please contact Felixio#2382 or NightRaven#284343
This guy just leaves in the middle of a discord convo, while he gives no input back on what he wants or doesnt want.

I asked our healing officer to get on discord to have a chat with him, he agreed, but at the moment our healing officer got online, he went silent and left after a few mins from Discord, and also deleted me from his real-id. No clue how or why.

Weird behavior.

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