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Hi and thanks for reading my post, (Horde)
I am looking for a mature guild/group to join to start going further with my wow journey, I am from the uk and scottish, i will say i have only been playing for 9 weeks coming up for 10 but i am a fast learner when i comes down to mechanics and learning role`s, my ilvl is 933 and i am at that stage where i cant really get any higher as i always seem to get the wrong groups with them dieing and rage quiting the group.
The group must be mature and a older group i come on my computer to get away from my kids LOL dont want to have some more screaming in my ear (no offence ment to younger players but you will understand when older)
if you have a group you think i could fit into msg me and we can take it from there.
thanks for taking the time and reading
ohh and im on drak`thul server if that matters not sure but if i find right group i could transfer....

We’re a mature group, largely Brits with families/kids/jobs/irl crap, we don’t take our raiding too seriously but get stuff done. We raid 2x a week, Thurs is raid “team” and invite only (based on ability), Tues is a social run and open invite to all the guild (full clear NM). Outside of that we do m+ and help each other gear alts etc.

Here’s our post, if we’re of interest then add me on bnet and we can talk:

sounds good i will add you on bnet and have a chat
We are MMORPG Mafia from Deathwing/The Maelstrom/Karazhan/Lightnings Blade servers.
Your life story is also most of our life story :) I am a parent a s well.
I'm the leader of guild, offering 2 HC raids and 1 normal per week with company of M+ runs.
In time we would like to move to Mythic progress. But for that you need minimum 20 people (working hard on getting more).

Detailed info can be found: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617112930

For all rest, you can just ad me: clumso#2261

Have fun and good luck at finding a guild!

Clumsyhead of MMORP Mafia

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