Frost mage LF raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE
6/11M blood dk main. I have a 955 frost mage alt and am looking for a raiding guild. Preferably one starting early mythic but will settle for heroic farmers.

Add me BeardedBear#21313

Also, due to being an alt. I cannot raid 9:30-12:00 pm Server time on Wednesday, Thursday and monday
Hi Lumpy,

We're looking for more range DPS for our weekend raiding group at Friday Marines, we just lost one of our mages.
Our current progress is 5/11M.
We raid Fri-Sat at 20:00-midnight with an additional optional farm night on Wed.

You can find additional details at our post at or apply at
Hi Lumpy
Malevolent Fury raid Fri/Sat on Magtheridon.
We have a very chilled approach to raiding, have a laugh and drink beer while we kill bosses. We are 11/11 HC.
Mcbismark#2870 if you're interested

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