947 Demon Hunter tank looking for a guild

Looking for Players – PvE
947 Demon Hunter tank looking for a guild. looking to make some serious progress.
i am new to Antorus only coming back to the game around 2 weeks ago, am ready to throw myself into raiding.
Fluffy Toxic Pandas - draenor - horde. Currently recruiting 11/11hc, recruiting last few dps to fill our roster so we can get into mythic as soon as possible.
raid days :
Wed,Thur, Sun 21:00 - 23:30st
visit - Fluffytoxicpandas.2ya.com
hope to hear from you
Doomy#21989 Suzu#2933
Would love to hear more about what you have to offer. About us - the guild is called South of Heaven and we're on Ravenholdt (+connected realms). It's formed 3 months ago by 7 irl friends (me included) who have been playing together since the start of time. The guild itself is a very well knit team and we take everything we do to the max. Currently looking for people who wanna clear heroic/mythic and jump on BfA with us. 90% of the guys are around 30 years old and we love a good laugh on discord. Add Konarov#2675 and let's see what happens. Would love a chat.

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