[A] We want you! Wait For It is recruiting!

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Hey all! We'd be interested in talking to you to see if we'd fit each other’s needs!

<Wait for It> - Thunderhorn / Wildhammer (EU) - Alliance Progression: 2/11 M
Raid times: Thur/Mon 22:00 -24:00 CET (server time) ; Optional farm night on Wed 22:00 -24:00 CET (server time)

Loot system: Personal
Voice: Discord

We are a casual raid team looking to push Mythic progression!
We are looking for RDPS and 1 Healer mostly but are always interested in exceptional players. Our goal is to push through Mythic by the end of each tier, so we won't be racing for realm or world firsts, just clearing top-end current content. We expect raiders to show up on time and to be prepared with consumables and to perform well at their class and spec and of course, to have fun as well! We check logs for performance as well as raid mechanics but are happy to try to help you improve if they are a bit low!

We use Discord for voice comms and do require raiders to be on voice. We have added a Mythic+ night to our weekly events and encourage guildies to participate and engage in friendly competition over the team with the highest completed key for bragging rights!
You can contact us via in-game mail, battlenet, or by DMs on Discord.

Thank you for taking the time to check our guild out, and I hope to speak with you soon!


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