Resto Druid and Bear Tank Lf guild on Draenor

Looking for Players – PvE

We have both recently made characters on Horde and are looking for a casual- Semi Hardcore guild to raid with rather than spending lots of time pugging each week

We are both very reliable and rarely would skip a guild raid, ideally we would like to raid end no later 11 server time but the days we raid are very flexible, we have both cleared heroic one time on horde but 11 times on alliance.

Btag #21834
Hey there,

If you are looking into the possibility of re-rolling/changing server we are currently looking for any class / spec in order to rejuvenate our ranks! :)

Hybrid Species are one of the oldest guilds from Haomarush, we got casual and experienced players plus some few good M+ teams and we have [HC] Antorus - on farm.

Our connected realms are Stormreaver/Spinebreaker/Vashj/Dragonmaw.

Our Raiding schedule would be: Wednesday & Thursday (plus Sunday & Monday if we are progressing) 20:00 - 23:00 server time, CET, UTC +1

If you want more details give me a shout on siviny#2517 (Sinistru-Haomarush)


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