New player lf Guild to guide more into WoW

Looking for Players – PvE
Just started to play wow, dont know which class to play. Want A guild that can help me and improve me to be a better player. I can play everything but like to play some dps class, but dont going to say no for a heaer or tank class :)) Hope some guild or players that can help me :))
Hey there!

If you have been thinkin about changing realms/faction
<Buzzkill> on Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas are activly recruting to strengthen our raid team.

We raid in the weekend from 8pm to 11pm, server time.
Fridays are our normal runs.
Saturday and Sunday are our hc runs.

We also recrute activly for the social core of our guild.
We are a casual raiding guild but when we are not taking part in progressing through Antorus HC,
we run daily mythic+ dungeons as well as other ingame events such as lvling alts, running old content and doing guild achievements.

We are a relaxed guild with a "insane" atmosphere that enjoys playing the game together and having a laugh on our discord server,

<Buzzkill> is a home for all!
We have sevral people that are lvling up for the first time,
as well as veterans from the beging of the game.
And we pride our selfs on our strong social core, and our members willingness to help their fellow members.

I can be reached in-game @ Creni#2992
Or you can have a chat with any of our officers.
hey there Chauzz, im the guild leader to <The Demons Within> on the Magtheridon server ^^ We are a social raiding guild that are looking for more recruits to join us ^^ I noticed you are new to the game so let me welcome you ^^ If you need help and are looking for fun chilled atmosphere with helpful friendly people while you game and learn, then our guild might be what you are seeking ^^

We welcome all those new to the game and always help anyone with gearing, learning classes/specs or even those who want to try getting into the raiding side of things :) Also we take part in mythic+ runs, run old content and also lvl alts together. As i said we are a raiding guild as well and are currently progressing through HC Antorus atm. We raid 3 times a week (mon,wed,sun 20:00-23:00 server time) and welcome anyone to join our normal run on the wednesday (once you are lvl'd ofc ;) )

If you are interested please add me on :- Nekochi#2301 and we can have a chat ^^
Happy gaming :3

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