Resto Druid/Prot Pally LF Guild on Draenor

Looking for Players – PvE

I'm a Resto Druid, with Guardian/Boomkin off-spec. My husband is a Prot pally with a Holy/Retri off-spec. We have raiding experience since Burning Crusade. After a 1 year break, we decided to come back to WoW as newly boosted 110's on Draenor server. We have both played our classes as mains on another server (Vek'Nilash).

We are looking to raid on Draenor, with a friendly guild 2-3 nights a week. We are easy-going players with a sense of humor. You can expect us to come prepared and on time for raids and events. We also enjoy doing Mythic dungeons, and random achievements, and helping teammates whenever possible.

Unfortunately we are unable to transfer factions or realms before the upcoming expansion and hope to continue to play on Draenor. But if you think we might fit your team, please leave me a message. We also use Discord and Teamspeak, and contact can be made there if necessary to discuss any details. :)

Heya! Added u on Battle net, for a Chat (Asalgueiro#2797)

Have a nice day :)
I have sent you a friend's request Späcöinä. Thanks so much for your reply and we look forward to speaking with you. :D

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