Alliance player looking for a guild based in the UK

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Hey all.

I'm a long time WoW player, looking for a guild based in the UK. I first started playing WoW back in vanilla on my Arms dwarf warrior (yeah, I know). I was fairly casual up until MoP where I first raided heroic. I've taken many breaks from the game but I've been back the last couple of months and I'm emptying Legion.

I currently have a 941 iLvl MM Hunter and I'm leveling a Shadow Priest (will boost to 100 tomorrow) and will also boost another class to 110 soon. Other than that I also have another two lvl100+ characters (DH and Paladin).

I'm a PvE player, raiding is what I'm looking to do. I've done heroic Antorus runs on my hunter and I had a great time.

I'm based in Hampshire UK. Are there any guilds that are based in the UK and cleared heroic Antorus out there looking for more players? Ideally with an active player base.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Curse These metal hands are looking to take on new members if you haven't already found a guild, feel free to poke me in game in you'd like to talk.


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