assassination rogue LF casual raiding guild

Twisting Nether

I'm a casual player, online daily, looking to start really raiding (or do anything really!) and getting some good gear. Looking for a friendly and fun guild. I also enjoy PvP, and I'm hoping to improve myself as a player!

Contact/comment if interested:)
if preferred, my discord is lizfoss#0137
Hi mate, we could accommodate you. We are looking for Fury warrior melee for mythic progress, at this time though we are running full HC on wed, full Normal on Friday and Mythic progress Mon. So if you can make Wed the HC grp can be 20+ so we could accommodate you or the Normal Friday. And of course if your dps and attitude is good and not dying to daft things a lot you could join us for Mythic.

We are strict when it come to you knowing tactics ( we do help just don't hold your hand) and to raid with us we insist you are fully gemmed and enchanted.

We have a friendly guild with many members and people do stuff together a lot, you just have to ask or be quick to respond sometimes or spot goes :)

below is link to my main post

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