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Hello everyone!
I'm an old player who got back to the game in nov/december last year. I had a nice guild that I was leveling with. Unfortunally it all ended in drama, and I also realised that I cant play ally, it is just not for me!

I do have a lot of alts on different servers, like Stormscale, Eonar, Silvermoon and Tarren Mill. But my old friends are gone, and I could just start over again on a new server if a nice guild wants me in. I would prefere pve, but hey, I'm not impossible to convince!

So with me you get a nice swedish girl who plays around 4 to maybe 20 hours a week depending on work and well.. lifesituation?

I'm looking for a guild who at least is for 18+ (I'm 31), I played tank most of my time in wow, and I've been around since vanilla days. I still consider myself as a " casual noob" so dont expect me to be a heroic master-fighter, but I'm allways up for learning and conquer new adventures. I love questing even tho I'm not a big fan of the latest patch with slowleveling.

I work a lot, and I work afternoons, so I'm never gonna be able to do raids and other stuff on weekday afternoons.

A swedish guild would be awesome, but if you could read this text I guess I could do pretty well in a english guild aswell?

So dont crush my hope and dreams, is there any friendly and fun guild out there that would want a lost and lonley horde?
Hello, Aileme,

Here is what we have to offer.

"The Rising Elites" is a Horde guild on Aszune/Shadowsong servers. We're a community focused guild first and foremost, with an aim to create a friendly environment for everyone to enjoy the game in low pressure environment, no matter their skill, level or experience in the game. As a guild, we dabble in most aspects in WoW, including but not limited to dungeons (from levelling to M+), questing as a guild pack, transmog/achievement runs in old raids etc. We also hold some social events and have a lively Discord channel.

Now, I'll have to add a full disclaimer that we don't have a strict age requirement in the guild - but we do have a behaviour requirement - no matter if you're 16 or 60, you are welcome if you can behave like a reasonable human being. Having said that, guild age average lies in mid 30s or so. We do have a "family friendly" guild chat policy though.

If you're interested, you can contact me on BattleTag (Sydona#2150) or Discord (Sydona#9603). If not, good luck finding a new home :).

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day :)
Heya Aileme!

Loving the Ad and i understand the whole drama of guilds, been there and got the T Shirt! Just wondering if you would like to join us on Tarren Mill? We are pretty much made up of friends from previous guilds and we have plenty of great characters (Don't ask the others about the story of Ursoc and me)

We are currently raiding as a group again but in all honesty we just want to chill and have fun, i know its hard to find a friendly guild where having a good laugh lasts for long but i think you may just like us!

Sorry for the short essay but if you want to chat or ask questions you can find me on Tarren Mill or my battle net is xu195#1865
Thank you both Mardz and Sydona! I just love how friendly and nice people there is out there. It reminds me what I like with this game!

I got an invite to Twisting Nether, so I'm gonna start there and see if that works out.

It it dosent work out I will remember your names!

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