[H] Ginnunga Recruiting! 1/11 Mythic

Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar
Hello People!
Ginnunga is a PvE/PvP guild with our main Focus being PvE Progression. Currently clearing Antorus HC every week. Looking for more members to try ourselves at Mythic.

We raid 2 days a week ( Wednesday-Thursday 8:00PM-11:30PM Server Time)

Currently looking for:
High priority:
- Non Warrior Off Tank !
- Ranged DPS except Warlocks !

Any application with willing people will be considered though!

If you are able to be online for at least 2 days a week to clear current content.

Please Write here or write a whisper to anyone listed here:


Thanks for reading and hope to see you online soon!
Great job Lokai ! Also want to add hours are PM of course (20:00-23:30 server time).

I am abit intressted in your guild and how it functions.
Came bk a few days ago after a longer break and used the bfa boost on an old char i started playing on.

I am looking for a guild that can support a social and abit off pvp activity since that is were i plan to spend my time.

It also need to have a mature attityde (35 y old here) and realize Irl come first. I have a demanding work that sometimes keeps me to tired to play for a few days.

Should add that i dont know atm if i will get involved in WoW again, depends if it can keep my curiosity up in the long run.

Live well
Hey Smörjolja, thank you for your interest in our guild.Its hard to describe where we are at the moment, the guild has been up for ~3 months or so, but all i can tell you we are indeed a group of mature people, we are doing lots of pve and pvp events (planned), raiding 2 days a week (wed/thur) with 11/11 Heroic Antorus progress, preparing for Mythic content,also battling out in Rated BG's, same 2 days (sunday/monday) while still running some old legion raid content, timewalking raids/dungeons, random bgs and helping members with their weekly M+ chest to gear them up.If you are interested in joining add me or any other officer listed in the post above.Thank you again and see you out there ;)
Looking for An off Tank and also any ranged class except warlocks.

Ginnunga is now 1/11 Mythic!

Please join us on our quest to clear Antorus Mythic before BFA :-)
We still missing couple of range dps (no warlocks) to start progressing Mythic again.Whisper me in-game add me or check our forum https://ginnunga.enjin.com/forum ;)
LF couple of hunters (prefer MM) and/or 1 SP to complete our mythic/BFA roster, we require some HC xp, 950+ ilvl, whisper me ingame or add me so we can have a chat. Cheers

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