Which shoulders are these? (If they exist)

Hi everyone,

I ran into some cool NPC possible transmog shoulders during a dungeon run (Court of the Stars? when finding the suspect demon.) and also noticed them on Arcanist Valtrois when questing: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2psouno.jpg

Does anyone has an idea if its possible to transmog these? I imagine on a Nightborne but I have not seen them yet.

Stellagosa has no shoulders, what are you talking about?

... No, Sorry, I don't know what they are.
Yep, they are tight af. However, they are unfortunately not in the game..
Oh, free future advice, I wish I thought of this before.
If you see an NPC with clothes you like, look them up on WoWhead. WoWhead has an "outfit" tab on the NPC, that generally shows what pieces of armour they are wearing.
It won't have this tab if nothing is obtainable.
And sometimes it's worse than useless. But still. It's an idea to check for.
Not sure what Kubluku's on about, but the shoulders aren't in game.

I'd love them though.
Thank you all! Wanted to be absolutely 100% sure, since they are so awesome looking. Hope Blizzard will consider such transmogrification in the future.

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