Boring dungeon runs!

I join a dungeon, someone says "Hey, this is a boost, go afk and smoke pot"... I don't pay to watch other people play, what's the fun in that? Also I don't have any pot, it's illegal where I live and costs a fortune... but that's a gripe for another day.
Why do I have to wait 30 minutes to join another dungeon because I didn't want to sit afk at the entrance? He was a rogue and just stealthed passed everything. I don't mind a boost where you can join the booster, but not going afk!

Anyone for a dungeon in 30 minutes?
You should consider yourself lucky! I wish for that situation ever since 7.3.5 but no luck so far.
I can boost you if you want. But I hate being boosted. It's just so boring! I like to play the game, not watch other people play, if I wanted that I'd go on youtube.
Just look at it in a positive manner. You saved a lot of time!
22/02/2018 14:54Posted by Arathian
Just look at it in a positive manner. You saved a lot of time!

But if it's only about saving time, and not about having fun, he might as well buy a character boost.
Should have waited until he'd done first boss, don't get full deserter buff then.
you are doing it wrong...

when you are boosted, you are not supposed to watch the other people, but to watch a movie or some series, read a book, write an essay, play another game, read news, make a dinner or whatever you need/want to do...
I have had this problem too in neltharion's lair!! I wanted to do the dungeon but someone can skip right to end end boss while everyone else waits at the entrance. really wish they would do something about it!
Just do what I do. Vote for a kick and LOL after.
Would be a nice change of pace. It's not like I've done every legion dungeon at least 100 times already anyway.
Or you could have quested, you have to do it anyway to get your character anywhere beyond reaching levelcap.

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