Looking for Players – PvE
950 fire mage looking for a raiding guild. Please contact me if i can join. On agamaggan server

My character

(I am 950 ilevel but 946 equipped)

Only looking for heroic raiding guild+

I took regular breaks during Legion so there might be some gaps.

Thank you
Hey there,

If you are looking into the possibility of re-rolling/changing server we are currently looking for any class / spec in order to rejuvenate our ranks! :)

Hybrid Species are one of the oldest guilds from Haomarush, we got casual and experienced players plus some few good M+ teams and we have [HC] Antorus - on farm.

Our connected realms are Stormreaver/Spinebreaker/Vashj/Dragonmaw.

Our Raiding schedule would be: Wednesday & Thursday (plus Sunday & Monday if we are progressing) 20:00 - 23:00 server time, CET, UTC +1

If you want more details give me a shout on siviny#2517 (Sinistru-Haomarush)

Hey there!

If you have been thinkin about changing realm,
<Buzzkill> on Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas are activly recruting to strengthen our raid team.

We raid in the weekend from 8pm to 11pm, server time.
Fridays are our normal runs.
Saturday and Sunday are our hc runs.

We also recrute activly for the social core of our guild, that has become really strong.

I can be reached in-game @ Creni#2992
Or you can have a chat with any of our officers.

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