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Looking for Players – PvE
i'm an old time wow player that has not played late game with a guild for years.
and i think it's time for me to do so once again.

all i did is LFR , and no experience with Mytics .

if there is anyone that would like to have a dedicated resto shaman in their guild , i would love to join you and your group. My current server is Lightning's blade. it is the server i started playing on 10+ years ago but is now dead to the bone..

Thank you for your interest ,

Kind regards ,

Responsible .
Hey brother,

The more shamans the merrier!

If you are looking into the possibility of re-rolling/changing server we are currently looking for any class / spec in order to rejuvenate our ranks! :)

Hybrid Species are one of the oldest guilds from Haomarush, we got casual and experienced players plus some few good M+ teams and we have [HC] Antorus - on farm.

Our connected realms are Stormreaver/Spinebreaker/Vashj/Dragonmaw.

Our Raiding schedule would be: Wednesday & Thursday (plus Sunday & Monday if we are progressing) 20:00 - 23:00 server time, CET, UTC +1

If you want more details give me a shout on siviny#2517 (Sinistru-Haomarush)

Hey Responsible!
Was just wondering if you are interested in a faction/server change,
as our guild <Buzzkill> On the Azjol-Nerub / Quel'Thalas server(s) are recruiting new members.

We are a casual raiding guild but when we are not taking part in progressing through Antorus HC (Sat,Sun)(Normal on Friday),
we run daily mythic+ dungeons as well as other ingame events such as lvling alts, running old content and doing guild achievements.
We are a relaxed guild with a "insane" atmosphere that enjoys playing the game together and having a laugh on our discord server,
as well as we always try to help each other.

If interested please add me on my :- Creni#2992 and we can have a chat ^^
Hey man! Here’s what we’re about:

I reckon we’d be a great guild for you to find your feet in. Hit me up on battlenet (ID in the above link) if you’rs interested!

You are welcome to join our guild. I take personal time to teach M+ dungeon mechanics and make sure you get +15 minimum every week.
We run HC raids 2 times a week (thusday/monday) and normal late wednesday.

Guild is mature with good atmosphere on discord chat.
Detailed info can be found:

or add my bnet tag: clumso#2261

I think we are one of best choices here for you since we are from same connected realms as you are :)

Clumsyhead - Godfather of MMORPG Mafia
<Nihilism> (Draenor EU)

A NEW relaxed casual guild looking For More Players for our mythic/heroic mains/Alt raid teams(5/11M)(11/11hc).

We raid Wed/Thu/Mon from 9pm-12pm server time, and also do a load of mythic+ dungeons during the week.

Most of the guild is made up of a very strong core of people who have also been raiding since vanilla.

if you have any questions please contact me on Jaydee#2274.
Hi Man,

If you are open for server/faction change Tavern of Vikings would be good place for you to sink your feet in.

For more information please see

If intrested please contact Felixio#2382 or NightRaven#284343
Good evening,
Gordian knot is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, based on Draenor Horde.

We're always looking for skilled, competitive, dedicated and friendly players.
Our current progress is 5/11M - 11/11Hc Antorus.

We raid every Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, from 20.00 to 23.00 realm time.
Required attendance for the raider rank is 70% over a period of 6 weeks which means approximately 2 raids per reset.

Here you can check our rules:
And here you can apply to join us:

We are very active, we run many mythic+ dungeons, we have an alt run on Thursdays. We're also doing RBGs every Friday.

We're generally relaxed, funny and very friendly people.
When it comes to progress runs, we become very focused instead and we have a decent kill flow.

If you're interested for a chat please whisper one of our officers:
Jenquai - Athlios#2283
Leleko - Leleko#2235
Narweena - Sephyra#2517

Thanks for reading and good luck in your search :)
Hey Mate

I raid lead for Malevolent Fury EU Magtheridon

Malevolent Fury are a "Casual" Raiding guild who raid FRI/SAT from 19:45 Server time.
We use the word casual because although we take the progression seriously, we don't let it detract from the fun, nobody is getting screamed at or kicked for failing, nobody is getting loot banned.
The main focus is killing bosses and progressing whilst having a laugh with each other. If bad taste humour and drinking beer while you're raiding is your thing then this could well be the place for you.

We currently dont have a resto shaman and would love to have you if you're interested.

Hi Responsible

If you're still looking for a guild add my battletag. Bradx#2385

Social raiding guild - Big community and lots of stuff to do outside raids.
6/11 Mythic
Raid Wed/Thur/Mon 20:15-23:15

Thanks :)
We formed in 2009 and at the moment are rebuilding our community along with a strong loyal raid team for BFA. We raid Wed, Thur, Mon 9-12 server time. We have lots of active members who regularly fun mythic+, we also have alt runs and meta runs etc. Is this something that might interest you?

For more info on our guild please visit:

Would like to chat further in-game: Shell#2116
Hey buddy if you're looking for a fun raiding guild that is just starting hc please drop me a message and add me on bnet.

<Royal And Sunny Alliance>
Horde - Magtheridon.
Hi There,

Devious are one of the oldest guilds on Silvermoon (over 11 years old!) and we are currently looking for a couple of solid raiders to slot into my mythic roster. We have a solid raiding background and make steady progress in each mythic tier (currently 6/11M). We currently raid Wed Thurs and Sun 8-11 ST.

Add me for a chat anytime


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