Ret Pala 950 ilvl LF Guild 2 days a Week

Looking for Players – PvE
Looking for a PvE guild, I haven't been so active in Legion as I have been before, but looking for a 2 days a week raid guild to do HC/Mythic. I am 950 Ret pala, but also have a 941 Arms warrior.

For Experience I have been in a top guild on Terokkar server Contingency, who later join with another guild to create wasted Talent on same server.
I have curve for every raid starting back in SoO where I started raiding.
Only raid I don't have curve for is Tomb of Sargaras.

My work is one week early one week late, but I can always try to shift shifts around to make raid, but I think it is prevalent to notify about this.

If you have any other questions please add med with battletag SirFreddy#2678
Hi Frëddy, I'm Roswitha of a guild called Fresh on Silvermoon. Currently we are 2/11 M and are recruiting some dps for continuing Mythic Antorus :)
If you want to find out more about us, don't hesitate to add me on - Ellbells#2237 or find us on Wowprogress. Thanks!
Hi Freddy
Malevolent Fury raid Friday and Saturday Nights on Magtheridon. We also have shift workers so we are used to the challenges that brings.
We are 11/11 AtBT HC and haven't been into Mythic due to numbers. We like to drink beer and have a laugh while we raid. Humour is pretty bad taste if thats your cup of tea.

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