Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU 2.0

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Full set but who cares, looks freaking awesome on maghar and the tabard is a nice fit!
You look like a dark nightelf, not loading. for that i give you 5/10
Colors dont match but still looks badass. 8/10
I'm digging the red/black style
solid 8.5/10
not very original but the tabard matches the rest very well

7/10 need to drop the tabard ^^
don't know, high res belt doesn't rly fit to a low res gear. so do the weapons
You look like Varian Wrynn with a helm . 0/10 alliance scum
^ lol rating someone based on their faction. How sad.

It could be a good set but the helmet looks silly on a Tauren, the sword is too high rez and it doesn't match with your 2-pixel armour. But I like the colour scheme. 6.5/10
The set nicely matches the dark iron dwarf theme, although I'd probably look for less over-the-top shoulders. 8.5/10!
Always loved that set, 9/10
Swords doesn't match with the set... 6/10
Great armour match with the weapon.
i like flames 7/10

i'm going with the warforged nightmare as a mount with my current mog
The boots don't fit and for the axe i would take the WoD PvP axe over the old model.

But I like fire so 9/10

As a mount i use the red dragonhawk. For the theme i took the black-red-gold of the blood elves and phoenixes as inspiration. Cause just like a phoenix a warrior will always rise again, stand up and let the fight go on. ;)
It's honestly just too common.

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