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Twisting Nether
Hi all,

I'm Phil, I live in Lincolnshire UK but I'm not a farmer. I've recently come back to the game after a long break when pandas were all the rage, I thought I'd had enough and thought I'd spend my time on FIFA instead but evidently I've decided against it.

I'm looking for a guild on a moderately well populated horde server for myself and the old ball & chain. We're both quite vastly experienced in the realm of raiding. Downed all content when relevant since TBC (well I have, the wife started playing in WOTLK but not much in the way of raiding)

Since MoP, we've not really been interested much, Lou has played almost constantly but I got sick after Siege of Orgrimmar and thought I'd chill out for a while. Now I know I'm blowing my own horn, but I'm a pretty bloody good dps, so is the mrs. she plays an Ele shaman (or is currently gearing one) - I was also a pretty bloody good tank too, which I'll be happy to play for the right (patient) guild whilst I learn how to Warcraft again, though I'd prefer to stick with frost.

Obviously I've come back at an inopportune time, I know most guilds will be either winding down or not really doing anything at the moment, so I'd be more than happy just to piss about in raid finders etc until BFA but I would love to get into raiding again.

So here what you can expect from us:

- Experience in Raid/guild leading (though we don't want to get into all that again)
- Mature (late 30's) and completely drama free
- Experienced, cohesive & coherent players with a lot of raid time under their belt
- Easy going, flexible & approachable

What we expect from you:
- Raid time, semi hardcore preferably no more than 3 nights per week, 2 would be ideal
- No drama/uppity 16 year old guild masters, a nice mature environment in an english speaking guild
- Preferably a long standing guild or a guild with an already "gelled" raid team which we can challenge ourselves to be a part of

At present, we're going through a house move & staying with in-laws so I'm not in game much but I can get battle net messages on my phone. We're on Draenor at the moment but looking to move. Battle Tag is kaon#2813
Hiya mate am gonna add your b-tag. I dunno if you found a guild yet. I kinda hope you haven't as I think we may be a good fit for you.

We are ran by a Gm and his wife both in 30's and both Cows in name and game :) Well GM plays his healer Fryertuck and he's a monk! tsk! and we have a number of other couples and players in their 40's. They like to chat to in discord for the social aspect mainly evenings as most work. We have little drama however someone pop's up with some issue's occasional its large guild at end of day. Main leaders are all English and the raid team from all over. The team is regular and cohesive however their are spaces as we all work and many have kids or having kids so there are places available. This also indicates we are flexible and understand life is life and gets in the way of WoW haha.

We are relatively large guild over 200 individual players of course their not on all the time more like 20-35 on at a time. but when an xpat comes out its goes a bit crazy ^^. Your right its quieter now and players get bored and play other games. We however roll on.

We are currently running HC wed full run and Monday we do Mythic progress. We have just started that so now would be a great time to join us. We ahve a a number of very good dps.

this is a link to our post on forums

it has all info you need including the GM and his Wife's btag.


My Btag is Bobcat#2345 my main is player named sloshed https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/twisting-nether/sloshed and Gyloo highmountain druid I levelled 2 weeks back, you can check them on warcraft logs if you like. We are fair upfront and transparent. I am on a lot and GM etc will be on later. If you see this today Friday we run Normal tonight and maybe you can join if you have time.

Also here are logs from some fight's so you can see the team and dps/hps we have currently

Maybe we hear from you or your partner I wish you Good luck pal.

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