XP From Dungeons

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15/02/2018 12:58Posted by Rumk
15/02/2018 12:28Posted by Jessaline
So rough translation: "You will have Fun in the manner set down in these regulations. All other Fun is banned. Fun will now commence."

This made me giggle so much !

I know, I read it in the voice of that Heir Flick fellow from Allo' allo'. ;)
15/02/2018 10:15Posted by Aerythlea

As always, we appreciate your feedback

LOL. Can you be more bland and give less of a crap than this? Please do us all a favor and increase sub prices to 60 euro / month and expansion prices to 200 euros so everybody quits. This is a trainwreck and then you come on forums and tell us oh your feedback is so appreciated omg ty ty ty such a nice playerbase. You actually dare do that sort of stuff when A. People have been complaining about PVP for 7 years, nothing has been done besides adding "bgs and arenas lolo <3" and the pvp talents which oh boy, would be nice if you didn't skim stats like they're on the chopping block.
I would dearly appreciate if you start showing some respect to those dumb customers you still have and still hope you will get back on track and start caring. It took you 6 months to fix warrior, 1 "hotfix" to destroy fire mages and just one expansion to make certain specializations absolutely not viable for raiding content ( enh, outlaw, arcane, fire, destro, etc.)
At this point I'm just chatting with friends and ganking opposing faction's members, since you clearly don't give a !@#$ about what goes on in your game and you just pump out content mindlessly. True, some don't have a notion of standards but you just streamlined that with everybody and think everyone's opinion is %^-*.
Maybe actually hire devs that play the classes they balance? Don't do it while watching twitch, like you've been doing it for the past 4 years.

Thank you for yet another year filled with joy, grinding, introduction of diablo rng and making the term " legendary " less rare than common items.
Here's to hoping next year you make us pay for spells, like 10 euros for being able to cast mortal strike, thank you!
No mention of this tonight still feel the XP from dungeons in WoD is a bit low tbh especially with 30-40 mins wait time as deeps.
15/02/2018 13:46Posted by Lunarcalf

TLDR; The moment players pay 100€ for you new bundle including BfA, they are the ones who decide what to do with their account.

I've got this account in MoP, I've been a regular sub for over 6 years now. I have 15 alts at 110. Why so many? Have you been paying a subscription for 6 years? No. Then do not even make arguments like '' Why you need 15 alts ? You don't even play them all.''
From the day the allied races came, I leveled my Highmountian tauren to max in a few days via the ''bugged'' method, by having my boyfriend carry me trough dungeons. He was playing, and so was I. We sometimes invited random people along the way and actually had fun. People have been carrying their friends because maybe just MAYBE they didn't like the way YOU want us to play.

Hotfixing people AFK-ing in Argus Invasion was a good call. Because 110 people who were doing appropriate content for their level were suffering consequences of the group being filled by people who do not contribute.

So far no one I personally know enjoys this change. I love questing I really do, I usually never watch PTR videos and streams because when the content comes out I read every quest, every emote cutscene. I do all sidequests and bonuses, why? Because it's new and exciting. THERE IS NOTHING EXCITING DOING DIRE MAUL OR UTGARDE KEEP for the 300th time. You can not expect us to enjoy OLD CONTENT like its brand new. Before the patch the leveling was brain dead, but at least it was over soon. A person who wants to quest can quest. If you wanna get the loremaster you can at level 110. You do not have the right to punish someones playstyle that doesn't break the rules. Give us the choice to blaze through the old stuff and get to the end game.
So YOU DO NOT GET TO DECIDE what we do with out time and money and how we decide to play.

Increase the hierloom exp boosts, decrease the mob health. Do something. The same way you can toggle leveling off, have a way to speed up the exp gain. We are talking 100 levels ( if we're talking about an Allied race), 100 levels of something we already done.
Learning how to play a class? Really with 5 spells at level 50 you truly do learn a lot about the class.

Well spoken..!
im currently leveling a highmountain tauren shaman , and im feeling its just aint worth it , with the stat squish and the op nature on low level instances its ruined the experience of leveling for me , i will not purchase a character boost as that takes away the learning of that class , grps are in full hierloom gear and dieing like dropped flies , half is impossible to heal , and tanks are getting one shot , how the fk this this fair ?? its taken me 5 days to get to lvl 57 from lvl 20 its rediculous period

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