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Looking for Players – PvE

We are two friends who have played on and off since the game was launched. We have returned and would like to start again. We have characters at various lvls including max but favour a fresh start. What we don't want is massive faceless guilds where 50 people are online and no one says anything. We are used to shouting out in guild if anyone wants to do an instance or needs help with something.

We play a tank/healer and happy to be on any server. Both of us are "middle aged" for want of a better term and are not after the drama lamas. What we are looking for is a a smaller guild where people are friendly and enjoying playing together

If we cannot find a guild we are happy to consider starting a re-roll guild ourselves having been GM's in the past. So if you are interested in lvling from scratch and having a laugh in guild and voice coms and play the game like we used to then leave a message.

/cya on the flipside
Hey there,

If you are looking into the possibility of re-rolling/changing server we are currently looking for any class / spec in order to rejuvenate our ranks! As we would like to start challenging Mythic Antorus.

Hybrid Species are one of the oldest guilds from Haomarush, we got casual and experienced players plus some few good M+ teams and we have [HC] Antorus - on farm.

Our connected realms are Stormreaver/Spinebreaker/Vashj/Dragonmaw.

Our Raiding schedule would be: Wednesday & Thursday (plus Sunday & Monday if we are progressing) 20:00 - 23:00 server time, CET, UTC +1

If you want more details give me a shout on siviny#2517 (Sinistru-Haomarush)

Hey Randus !

Like what i hear :P

I am GM of a guild, which is albeit small since we just started out.
Nevertheless, we are trying to build a roster for Raids now, which is not easy, but i am sure, the two of you have experience with that.

Do not plan for the guild to be big, enough ppl to do 25man raids plus some more, would be nice.

We are Horde and are on Kazzak-EU.

If you are ok with releveling (unless of course, you find another guild that suits you more), then it would be cool to hear from you !

Here is my btag, if you want to chat :


Take Care ! Good Luck in your search !
Amnesia (Nordrassil, EU) is a social casual guild with a serious raiding aspect. Currently we've been around for a little more than 3 years and we're a fun-loving bunch poking our way through various content while entertaining WoW marriages and other spoonlike adventures. We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 20+. We're not a swing-door guild, meaning we screen people thoroughly to make sure they're a good fit for our in-game family - this also means we can provide a trial raid before you x-fer, so you can have a closer look. If you got humour, patience and need an in-game home, we might be it for you!

Our progress:
11/11 NM
11/11 HC

For mythic progress in previous raids/expansions, check our website or wowprogress or the likes.

Raid days:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11PM ST.
Discord required. Working mic not necessary, but it is recommended as we're a chatty bunch and would like you to chat with us. :D
Alt runs also provided on Sundays, same time slot. Theyre lots of fun and if you are interested, we can maybe get you into one so you can check us out - we know that transferring is a big deal and this way you can meet some of the guys first, and we can see if we're a good fit for each other. :) Outside of raid days we also have a very active mythic keystone environment going!

Who are we and what can we offer you?
Generally we're a pretty fun bunch to be around. We help each other out with whatever we need and have a very strong bond going on with our members. We provide successful raids with lots of fun times in an organized environment. We also accept socials.

We're relaxed about attendance, because we know a lot of people have lives; families, dodgy work hours, social lives and more. We try to work around that, so we all get to raid and still have functional lives outside the pixels (RL is a lie, we know, but we like to pretend it exists!).

What do we need?
DPS, an OT (with a dps and a tank spec) and a healer (pref with an OS)! We're recruiting to fill the last spots for our mythic team! People with functional OS are preferred - and if you have RL experience, our RL-team would love someone to nudge raid details around with.

If you have questions feel free to throw us a poke in-game; Etoia#2396 (GM) or Exodeo#2151 (Recruitment officer) or go browse our forum:
Heya! I'm quite interested into this idea. Not just because I love rerolling and having a fresh start but primarily for the friends and close community you build along the way with like minded individuals!

Anything already planned? Cheers!
I am looking for the same thing and just got back to wow.. a couple of hours ago.

Was wondering if you still found anything or if you are still looking? Cause I am in the same seat!
I would be interested in that, so used to playing alone, it can get boring to play alone and when i need to do dungeons, i have to wait like 60mins or so........then the tank leaves because he rushed ahead like an idiot and then cries like a baby and we got to wait another 30-60mins for a tank.

The only problem i have is that due to have 3 colds in a row so close together, my throat was messed up, so its always like i have a sore throat, so i have to always clear my throat alot, so i tend to stay quiet and off comms to avoid the moaning about clearing my throat alot.

So, i am definitely up for this fresh start, is this with or without heirlooms? Which side? which realm? i am assuming this is in the let me know. Lithari#21753
Well....after speaking to a couple of people in game we decided to start with much ado and fanfare.....

[A] Safety Glasses Required - LFM (Re-Roll Guild)

My friend and I have recently returned to WoW and decided to look around for a small friendly guild to join..........we looked......and we looked.

We did find a couple but they were all full up with lvl 110 doing mythic. So we decided to start a guild ourselves.

Safety Glasses Required are an Alliance guild on Azjol-Nerub. We are looking for low level members of any experience to come join us on the path to 110. We want to instance together and grow as a close knit family of friends. Always looking out for each other and always willing to help.

We have both been playing on and off since the game launched and have been GM's, Officers, Raid Leaders, hardcore, soft core and no core. Now we just want a group of friends to have fun with and play the game the way we feel it should a game not a job.

So if you are interested /w Grayfern or Nenak on Azjol Nerub. Leave a message on here or add me Crayfern#2821

/cya on the flipside

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