Ordos! And new players

Quests & Achievements

Ive started playing again after more then 6 years break and i’m exploring panda regions with my demon hunter that i freshly made 2 months ago.

Now i’m also gathering achievements and i was wondering how i am able to kill ordos to complete that achieve. No more capes/ place keeps kicking me out ive even tried in team and even being able to land a hit on him also doesnt work.
Any tips/help?
If it's any consolation, killing Ordos only gives a legacy achievement and doesn't give any points.

Since you are a DH, maybe you could be able to glide outside his terrace and hit him with glaive toss(?) while somebody else (that has the cape) kills him for you? Might work if you land below (outside the area) so you are in range when he's dying?
Ive tried that, hitted him 3 times while he was like 10 yards away from me while the other cornerd him, i never got credit for the kill unfortunatly. But if it doesnt count then so be it i guess :).

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