Healer looking for guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Ime looking for a guild that has an active memberbase and is currently raiding and doing High end Mythics. Ime 28 yr old, been playing off and on since vanilla, and i am looking to find a guild where i can enjoy myself raiding or doing Mythic + until BFA arrives.. i cant promise ime going to stay a Priest for the next expansion but i will be healing. I am currently playing on Dragonblight EU, Would preffer not to server change. But my server is dead so if you may have a home for me add me and lets talk. BT: Lars#23445
Hey, what time would you want to raid? We are looking for a healer but raid 23:00-02:00 ST
Hey, we're recruiting a healer on Tarren Mill, emphasis on healer, as the guild philosophy is more the player and the role they're in.

We're currently 6/11M, recruiting for now and BfA, raiding Wed/Sun/Mon 20 - 23.30

If you're interested/schedule matches, you can add my battle-tag or check out our site:

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