New tank looking for guild (Outland)

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey guys!
I'm a prot paladin who's looking for a good guild to help me learn tanking. I've just recently gotten into it, so I'm obviously not the best, but I would very much like to improve. So, if your guild sounds like the place for me, feel free to message me in-game!
Thank you in advance
Hey there!

<Buzzkill> is a home for all!
We have sevral people that are lvling up for the first time,
as well as veterans from the begging of the game.

We pride our selfs on our strong social core, and our members willingness to help their fellow members.

As a member of <Buzzkill> you would need to acsept that you will die.
As we do alot.. Alot of crazy !@#$..

We are allso activ in all aspects of wow, Arenas, Bgs, Raids, Mythic +'s, Achivments.
And we have fun doing it togheter!

If interested please add me on my :- Creni#2992 and we can have a chat ^^

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