[A] Ranged 960+ Looking for chilled Guild or players

Looking for Players – PvE

I would describe myself as an experiences casual player who have played on and off WoW for over 10 years. In the last expansion Draenor I did a lot of Raiding and cleared Mythinc amongst the first guilds on my server but they as the guild disbanded I took a break when Legion started and not been playing this expansion with any Guild but only pugging. I mainly play ranged classes and my main in Draenor was Resto/Balance Druid but I also played hunter/priest/WL/mage all at full Mythic endgame ivl. Currentl I am clearing ATB Heroic on a weekly basis and also do M15+ on a weelky basis but in pugs.

I am looking for a Guild or group of players who are chilled out and play for fun and like to Raid on Heroic level and also do M+ together. I am not looking for hardcore players who are only interested in pusing meters but the importance is more on haviung fun together.

I like to play with nice people in a chilled in a non aggro environment who understand that there is more to life than WoW and sometimes life and work takes priority. I would like to Raid do M+ more or less on a weekly basis either evenings or weekends. As I am no longer interested in playing hardcore and also like to play multiple classes I will never be the top 1% of players in my class anymore but overall I am decent player.

I am currently on EU-Ally-Darksorrow and open to crossrealm or server change.

Good day Lazarlock

Please have a look at https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618073749

if you feel we could be a place for you to settle in, please contact me via fuge#2659
for a chat :)

(most of our raiders are adults with a real life and work so we know exactly how you feel about this)
Howdy! If you’re open to a faction change then we’re exactly what you’re looking for!


Have a read and if it grabs your interest then hit me up on bnet for a chat!

If you are open for server change Tavern of Vikings wmight be place for you to sink your feet in.

For more information please see https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618073808.

If intrested please contact Felixio#2382 or NightRaven#284343

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