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Twisting Nether
Hello people of Twisting Nether,

Have been playing paladin for 11 years now and in legion i decided not to join a guild since pugging seemed the easier way, however the amount of cancer that is in the pug is disturbing hence i'm looking for a guild that i can mythicprogress with, can play as both holy and retri, it would not really matter for me.

So hit me up in game or here see if we can play together
We would take you especially as Holy:)

Currently we do-
WED HC (aim full clear finish Mon if some bosses left),
Monday Mythic.

Once HC is on Farm the Normal will be HC and wed/mon Mythic only.

a link to my main post below. Good luck and maybe we hear from.

Hey there buddy,

Equinox is looking for mythic raiders and fun people to hang out with whilst doing mythic +
If this sounds like something for you gimme a shout !

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