Aff Warlock and Holy Pally LF Mythic raiding guild

Twisting Nether
We're an experienced raiding couple looking for a new home where we can raid and do m+ with like-minded people. We've been playing on and off (mostly on and as semi-hardcore raiders) since Vanilla/BC :)
After a few months of casual life we realised we'd much rather be raiding than idling in Dala looking for pugs.

What we're looking for is a guild who is doing mythic raiding 2 nights per week, preferrably starting around 20:00 server time and willing to take us both onboard the raiding squad.

Link to the warlock's armory:

Previous logs from pugs we've been in:

Feel free to contact me here, will be checking back regularly.

//Axrîl and Yámm
Hey there, we are a Monday/Wednesday guild raiding between 20:00-23:00, we are currently a few spots away from being able to go into mythic. I see you're both also at 11/11 HC, so would you like to join us going into mythic?
Hey there Guys,

Equinox is looking for a couple of mythic raiders for its team and you guys sound like a good fit.
We start however at 7 server time ! We also like having chill people to do mythic + with.

if this sounds like something for you guys, gimme a shout
Hey, we are recruiting for Mythic Antorus

as to not spam you with a wall of text check out our recruitment post here for more info

We do alot of m+ so there are definitely always groups you can push keys with

We have a spot for both of you :)

Or catch me ingame @ or on our discord
bigboss#23457 / Dictator
Discord :
You may be interested in us mate we have just started Mythic raids though currently run HC full on wed with one day(Monday for progress)

The post says more:)

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