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Hello i just returned back to my warlock i played on since 2010 befor legion release.

im looking for an alliance guild. preferable

my main spec is affliction but i can play all the spec if its needed.

i dont have all the bis legendary i'm still working on it at moment.
and im also working hard on obtaining my 4 set asap aswell.

i'm very open to critic and always meeting up to raid i dont mind if its 1 or 7 days raiding and the time doesn't bother me that much either. and if a guild want me to reroll i gladly do it for the progress of the guild

i have been playing wow since vanilia with a few breaks there and there.

i used to raid on malorum on silvermoon and abit in prime as warlock back in the days.

i dont mind if its hardcore or semi-hardcore guild

you can contact me by xeiya#2878 for a conversation instead.
Hi there.

Dont know if this is of interest for you, but since we are on Silvermoon aswell im just gonna throw it out there :)

We raid 2 times a week (Friday/Saturday 20.00-00.00) and are recruiting range dpsers. We are 3/11 Mythic atm, and progressing steadily every week. I know you are low on gear and experience with the current tier, but maybe with time you could earn a spot on our team :)

If you like to know more you can check our post out:

If this seem interesting to you feel free to apply.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me ingame (mostly online during evenings).
Otherwise gl in your search for the right guild :)
/Bondë <Classified>
Hey Ävinná
Im a guild manager at VII-EmeraldDream. VII has 13 years of experience with raiding.

We can offer you a stable environment with consistent raids with a friendly and active but also serious guild with plenty of experience amongst all our players.

We are currently 6/11 mythic and have progressed a lot lately.
We raid 3 times a week from 2100 - 0000 on:


We also have many off raid activities such as heroic run and m+

For a more thorough assessment of the guild take a look at our forum post:

Add my b-tag if you are interested (Alfonsen#21325)
Hi Ävinná,

If you're still looking for a guild add me on battle.net Genki#21822 or discord Genki#4515 and we can have a chat.

Spark, Alliance guild on Runetotem
Social raiding guild - Big community and lots of stuff to do outside raids.
6/11 Mythic
Raid Wed/Thur/Mon 20:15-23:15

Thanks :)
We formed in 2009 and at the moment are rebuilding our community along with a strong loyal raid team for BFA. We raid Wed, Thur, Mon 9-12 server time. We have lots of active members who regularly fun mythic+, we also have alt runs and meta runs etc. Is this something that might interest you?

For more info on our guild please visit: www.carnage-inc.com

Would like to chat further in-game: Shell#2116

<Log Horizons> Silvermoon [EU] {A} is recruiting, we have recently transfered servers with our core group due to our previous server being dead and we are looking for players to join us.

We're a pretty close, relaxed group, we have a facebook page, discord for coordination/bants and we enjoy M+, raiding and having a laugh together. Our current raid days are Friday and Saturday 8pm - 11pm realm time. Guild progress before our transfer was 10/11 HC

If you're interested in joining us message me here or add my btag - Jennbug#2965 There is a trail process for new recruits, this is just to ensure good synergy all round.

I know you're looking for an alliance guild but just incase you have opened your options.

Guild : Diverse Depravity.
Server : Dentarg/Tarren Mill
Raid days: Wednesdays and Thursdays 19:00-22:00 server time

Diverse Depravity is a newly formed guild and we are currently searching for people to fill our raiding roster. Due to the fact that we really are newly formed, we currently don't have a full raiding team and are searching for individuals to fill it up so that we can move off of pugging normal and moving onto heroic. It'd be great for you to join us!

We are also trying to ensure that we have a stable raid core to push into BfA.

Our guild is free of toxicity and any behaviour of this type is swiftly dealt with.
We use discord for communication and we really want to form great social bonds between all members of our guild.

If you need anymore information and have any questions to ask please add one of our battle tags and chat!


Please check out our website at https://www.diverse-depravity.com/


If you are still searching for a guild and the idea of race change/tranfer is a option for you and , feel free to check it out:

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