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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi everyone.

Old player here looking for a home for this expansion, and the comin one.
Preferably a place with either equal or more progression =)
Prefer 2d/week > 3d/week might be possible (depends on times ofc)
I'm Danish (yes I can't help it) 21 years old and currently a student/bartender/hobby-alchoholist in Copenhagen. I usually keep 1-3 characters up-to-date and I'm able to switch around a little the suit the guilds needs. I prefer progress as a guild much more than personal achievement.

Straight to the facts:
95%+ Attendance

964 WW with full bis. (Main)
- 92,4% avg log.
- New in Antorus mythic- However performing a lot better than my old main :)

970 FDK with full bis. (Alt)
- 90% avg log.
- Did 9/11m on this toon =)

SoO : 14/14m
HFC : 13/13m
EN : 7/7m
TOV : 2/3m
TOS : 7/10m
ANT : 9/11m

Tryhard : YES
Grinding : Strangely addicting.
Interest : EX Weeb (still sum love for masterpieces)
-Currently digging Xianxia novels if not wow
-Anti - "Vanilla was best"
-Bartender & free time artist.
PVP : Embracing it. 2.8 during TBC; washed up 2k atm.

I'm a talkative fella and always return the kindness others show to me x10 times.

At the moment I'm horde, but transfer+faction is possible.

-Thank you for reading-
if you leave contact info below I'll get in touch with you :)
Hey there!

The Alternative over on Silvermoon are currently recruiting for our mythic raid team, we’re currently 8/11 (coven at 7% though so hopefully 9 soon!) and looking for a few extras to fill out our team!
We only raid 2 days a week making it ideal for a busy lifestyle, Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:45 to 23:00.

Rather than regurgitate all the details I’ve linked our forum post below:

Should you be interested please feel free to contact me through either:
Math#2386 (Battle.net) Or Math#8679 (Discord)
Bump :)

Thx the offer Antho! But as mentioned really looking for either equal or more progressed guild =)


I understand I could've written a lot more in my post, i like being mysterious. =)

Hello Rasmus
Am Glayce from the Guild The High Council on Ragnaros
where 9/11 progressing on agrammar
where a big family that excist for almost 13 years
and still going strong we had a sitback 3 monthes ago but where going strong again :)
if you have intrest add my Bnet Nylin1706#2814
hope to hear from you asap
Greatings Rick
Hey Glayce!

Thanks for your offer, I'll think it over and give you a reply soon =)

Sounds good :)
and did you find something ?
we really could use a good WW Monk for are last progress but also to finish are good an strong core for BFA

so if your still intrested just add me Nylin1706#2814
Heya, if you're still searching a ww is pretty good for us, we're currently 9/11M (5 kills on Coven), working on Aggramar. The raid times may be a little weird/not work for you - Saturday 12-15, 1530-18 and Tuesday 1930-24.

We have an optional raid on Thursday night (we don't track attendance for it) where we do normal/hc sort of thing.

Can contact me at Squarefaced#2787 on bnet or Square#5616 on Discord/find one of our members in game etc., or our short app form is https://goo.gl/forms/jVt4gSbKK6Giq7sD2 (<5 mins)
Yo Glayze!

Work called me in suddenly for a looong shift. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to respond properly yet. I'll add you later today and have a talk =) would love to get some more personal details as I intend to stay in the guild i choose for a looooong time (if you can moster me).

Squarefaced. I'm not sure about the raidtimes set for your saturday, do you raid from 12-18 or am i misunderstanding it? =)

Thank you lads! I'll add both of you when I'm home and settled ^^

Hi Dot,

Loved your post, nice to see something with a bit of personality included for a change!

To give you another option, very briefly, Team Cobra is a 9/11M guild on Draenor, Horde side. We raid weekends, Saturday & Sunday from 16:00-19:00.

Although our recruitment post doesn't mention that we're recruiting a windwalker specifically, we actually don't have one in our roster right now, so we'd definitely be interested in fixing that.

You can read more about the guild at the link below:

My contact details are as follows if you'd like to discuss further:

GM - Zarfen
(Discord - Zarfen#8370)
(BattleTag - BestDruidEU#2151)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi there!

Thanks for sharing your post, i hope you find what you are looking for.
I run <Divided> on The Maelstrom server. (Horde) http://divided.enjin.com/
Our group consists of friends who have played the game together for more than a year with currect progression: 4/9 ToS M, 7/11 Antorus Mythic
Our raiding days: Monday - Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 servertime (gmt+1)
Social Raids: Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 servertime (gmt+1)

While our guild is one year old, we need a few more players to keep steady progression in mythic raids.
We are recruiting all classes and socials but for raiding we are particularly interested in dps and healers.

Most of us in the guild have fulltime jobs or studies and we have an average age around 20.
Myself being 31 years of age, having 3 kids and a fulltime job i clearly understand the necessity of sleep and real life chores. I would really like to hear from you, should our presentation make you curious for more.
Have a good one!

Tsn of Divided
B.tag: Sebastian#23194
Our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617772722
Origin on kazzak is looking for melee dps current prog 10/11 M if you are interested give me shout :)


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