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Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha'tar
I first played the original WoW and enjoyed RP on Steamwheedle Cartel. I was on the Alliance side then as a Paladin and it was fun times. I was a member of The Peoples' Militia (if anyone remembers them) in fact at the end of the guild I was second in command as Gawain Ravensword.

Many years have passed and many things have changed - including my waistline it seems! My personal circumstances allow me more free time and so I decided to return to WoW after a very extended absence.

Needless to say I was totally lost at first - where had everyone gone? Then of course I see that everyone mostly hangs out at around the Broken Isles these days. Thankfully one of those nifty little booster things came with the pre-purchase I did so Taradom was born - yes he is horde but I think blood elves are neat so sue me!

Taradom has been played almost totally as a protection paladin as I thought that was best for his ability to survive. He's done pretty well and only fallen when he tried too much - i.e. ventured into a dungeon solo and came up against the ever increasing boss attacks which he simply could not keep up with solo.

Anyways in order to progress various quests he needs to do content sealed off in dungeons and as I am not an experienced tank I'd not want to inflict my ineptitude upon some random masses so I seek a guild to take me under their wing and forgive me my mistakes whilst beating me over the head with a tome of knowledge on mechanics.

As you can hopefully see from this post I do not take things to seriously but I do always try to do my best.

I'm not interested in PvP at all and ideally would like a guild that does not mind doing runs whilst explaining things and also maybe a bit of RP at the same time.

It's a lot to ask I know but I am a charming blood elf and we always reach for the stars.
Hi there

WHile I can't offer you a spot in a guild (I'm currently out there looking for one myself) I can offer you a healer to keep you alive a little longer than if you were alone - so throw me a friend request and then at least you can have a healer behind you when trying to take on the big bads in the dungeons.
Looking at the forum, it sounds like the server needs a friendly casual guild! I'm happy to sign a charter on an alt if you decide to set one up.
I am also looking for a social casual guild, I can only play weekday evenings due to RL commitments.

I like this quiet server but I'm finding it hard to find a nice guild to be part of it.
It's a shame all you peeps are Horde, otherwise you could join me in The Titans of Azeroth. There are still a few of us who are active even at the end of the expansion.

I only have one character at 110 on the Horde side, but if anyone wants to band together contact me at CKSR#2169.
Filth is currently recruiting. Both Honorbound and Wicked take in social members. If you are looking for something more serious there is Seers of War, Team Epic, or Honorbound for mythic raiding, etc.
Hi all!

Experienced GM just formed a BFA guild called <GLORY FOR THE HORDE>

We will be Social, PVP and Raiding!
Most part of this guild will be Killing alliance and enjoying wow!

Please Message me in game if you want to join


Thank you
Júbeí (Jesse)

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