[A] UK - Auchindoun - LF PvP Guild

Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar

I'm Bonse, from the UK. I'm 30.

I'm looking for a PvP guild, not something overly serious at the moment but something that can get me into competitive scene.

I'm experience in RBG is very little as none of my mates wanted to do it; i do.

I'm generally a high skilled gamer, hitting global elite in CS and Champ in rocketleague with very little effort.

Need to ask anything fire away.

Add me:
Bnet: Bonse#2513
Steam: Bonse (BMW logo)
Discord: Bonse#2073
Opposite factions but sounds like we would get along, similar age, from Scotland and enjoy PvP albeit rather casually.

Hope you find something dude
Did you find something ? I am looking for a pvp guild too

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