975 Spriest 4/11M LF late Night or wed/thurs guild

Looking for Players – PvE
as the title says itself im looking for a new raiding guild.
im not going to write a whole text that takes hours to read.

im 23 and from belgium
playing shadow priest and resto druid since vanilla , i know my classes inside out.

what have i reached in my wow story:

realm 1st sinestra/nefarian and al'akir heroic
realm 1st 6/6 heroic mogu'shan vaults.
cleared mostly ALL content on highest diffucilty!

ALL days from 23.00 onwards
wed/thurs i can start at 20.00 ST

what do i have to offer:

-skilled dps/healer
-not QQing about gear
-lots of laughs and lovies

how to get in touch with me

battletag malfurande#2423

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