What keeps you subbed?

Lvling chars for heritage armor and gaining rep to unlock them. Have about 2 or 3 weekends a month time to play wow so that's what I'm doing then. Been subbed for as long as I remember but don't have a lot of time to play. So I will be busy until the new expansion!
I like to make gold. Takeing what I've learnt at work and trying to apply it in game. Exploring different markets and generally testing different ideas to see what floats and what sinks.

It's not necessarily about the about of gold I make but more the haveing fun with different markets and trying to turn the most random things into a profit.

A good side effect of this is Ive ended up with a lot of max level ALTs so I have also been enjoying the artifact challenges as a nice side activity.

Finally I enjoy being able to play priest better than my husband who has mained it all expansion ^^
I return to WoW every now and then because I miss the magic. Right now I am here to level up a character in the new level-scaling system. I haven't been an active raider since WotLK, but I find this game has a lot to offer to casual players as well :)
RP and the people I've met whilst playing the game. Used to do content often before but realized the game was no longer enjoyable for me during this expansion and for those to come with its new direction.
i enjoy the game
31/03/2018 18:31Posted by Moritz
Now that the expansion is over, what keeps you going?
For me its changing main to void elf and having so many reps to gain.
What about you?
What keeps you subbed now that gaining Ilvl is worthless?

the fact that i bought and used 32 tokens when they come out. my game time runs out in a month and wont be playing till prepatch . and then in BfA will make sure to just sub on months when there is content to do and its fully released :)
I can only find 5-6 hours a week, mostly weekends, for game play. Plenty of stuff not done yet, so far from bored.

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