Getting kicked from Daily heroics

Today I was doing a lower Karazhan for my daily heroic on my rogue for essences. As the title suggests, I got kicked.

No reason was stated, even after whispering two of them, both from Frostmane as well. Really nice of you guys to kick me after nearly solo'ing the instance for you. I do opera with them, then skip past using stealth to Attumen, killed him before they got to Maiden, despite them having high enough gear. I was on my way to them, and poof, kicked.

I love getting my time wasted. I don't have 30 minutes to wait for overgeared people. You don't see me kicking someone for being slow / afk, so instead I clear ahead for them. Is it so hard to use your eyes and look what I'm doing instead of assuming I'm afk or whatever?

In fact, I even voted no against a tank being AFK at the start, since I figured he'd be back, which turned out to be true.

Would like your personal opinion on the matter, or any personal experiences with getting kicked from heroics.
no one cares, stop crying
Why you heff to be mad ? Its only a game..
Love the constructive replies so far!

Instead of being an !@# or trolling in here, how about giving a normal reply?

People assume I'm angry about this, and to be honest, it's more suprise than anger from my side. I just don't see why people act like that in something as simple as a daily heroic.

I nearly never complain about anything in this game, yet the moment I speak my mind over the simplest things I get shot down. Shows you how much "community" is left on this realm, really.

13/04/2018 22:19Posted by Nightmaze
Why you heff to be mad ? Its only a game..
A game that costs my time, I try to be efficient as possible with the time I get, that's all.
By virtue of you creating a post here and the below quotes, it is difficult to believe that you aren't salty/mad regarding this incident.

19/04/2018 11:29Posted by Tasogare
People assume I'm angry about this, and to be honest, it's more suprise than anger from my side. I just don't see why people act like that in something as simple as a daily heroic.

10/04/2018 16:41Posted by Tasogare
I love getting my time wasted.

Furthermore we only have your version of events and numerous other things could've happened in the party which you're omitting. As such nothing will come from discussing this topic as we don't have the full picture.

I suggest moving on with your life.
Even the general forums have better things to say than you guys.

20/04/2018 08:55Posted by Xinshina
I suggest moving on with your life.

Did you know there's a person on the other side of the monitor? I have never in my 6 years of playing wow lied even once, not here, not in-game. The fact that you assume im holding back information is disgusting.

I literally went into the dungeon, said my standard Hello to everyone in there, pressed no on the votekick of the AFK paladin who came back moments later, started the dungeon. Not a word was said between the start and the moment of the kick.

You quoted me saying I was more surprised than angry. Still means I can be angry. Just not steaming like some other people.

Anyhow, I'll stop bothering checking this thread. I can get better feedback on cesspool forums as I said at the start. Just figured MY OWN REALM would be a bit more understanding towards these things instead of posting the standard "xd you mad cry get a life haHAA".
You may read into my post what you will.

I was merely stating an objective fact that we do not have the full picture as to what happened to make a comment of any value. No person is 100% aware of everything that can transpire in a situation so you may have been kicked for reasons you were even unaware of or your behaviour may have been interpreted in a way that is alien to you etc.

Furthermore considering how the general WoW community is I don't regard anything I read on forums as truth or fact as most people have their own agenda in portraying a certain situation which in many cases is far from the truth of the actual matter/situation at hand.

Lastly the forums, especially wow forums, are the last place you will likely get any sort of clarification on anything, which makes me question the reason for this post in the first place.

So as with my previous post, I suggest just moving on with life, take this experience with a grain of salt and continue enjoying the game in whatever way you seem fit.

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