Hey everyone,

we are still looking for a few more players to join us!
Feel free to contact us ingame or leave a message in this thread.

Cheers :)
Do you still have a raid slot open for a frost dk if so I would be very interested.

I have recently just came back to the game and decided to change my main to my dk so I am looking for a guild to raid with do mythic + and just some good old banter.

If you have space in your raid roster let me know I will message you tomorrow ingame after work
Hello Daragoras,

yes we do a slot open for a frost dk. :)
Sounds good, i'll be available tomorrow starting around 4pm ST.

I'm fairly new to wow. Testing out some classes and races.
Im mostly a casual player from europe croatia.
Im looking for a guild to play with some ppl level up and raid some day.

If you don't mind a lot of newbie questions i would gladly like to join your ranks

Kind regards
Hey Arkuren,

you are welcome to join as a social for now. Not alot of our players are still leveling though, if that is not a problem for you then let's have a talk ingame. :)

Hello am new to wow and would like to join your guild if its possible am pretty active player and would like to do the raids =)
Hey Elksa,

it looks like your Demon Hunter is located on the Silvermoon server, our guild is on the Draenor server which unfortunately means that i can't invite you to our guild unless you intent to join with another character that is on Draenor.
Hi, I'm pretty new to Draenor Realm. I'm looking for a guild to start playing with some people here. I'm social and trying to be as active as i can.

I have kids, so my gametime comes most on evenings when kids are in their beds. I wan't to start raiding some, but I have no clue how my working schedule will pan out over the months ahead.

I would still like to join and see what I can bring in the future!
Hey everyone,
we are looking for a few more players for our mythic roster:

1 Warlock
1 Healer: Druid, Shaman and Holy Priest prefered

Cheers :)
Hey everyone,
we are looking for dps, preferably ranged, to join our team.


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