Returning Player LF a mature and active Alliance guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi All,

I am an oldschool gamer who has played on and off for years. (Since Vanilla)

I have a wealth of experience including hardcore raiding, running a very successful guild, raid leading, and 2K + PVP and Rated BG experience.

I have dug up an old account and wiped all my old characters off, I am looking to level a Paladin on the Alliance side from level 1 to try and recapture some of the magic. My aim is then to play full time in the new expansion and also when "WoW Classic" surfaces.

I am looking for a busy and progressive guild who takes raiding seriously but still like to have fun. I am 34 this year so having a teen scream abuse at me over the mic is not my bag :) I can be pretty flexible on raid timings but after 7.30pm UK time would be preference, perhaps 3 times a week.

I am from the UK, Married, and have kids of my own! I have a mic and am very sociable, also happy to download any required software etc. I am pretty competitive (In a good way) so doing challenging things in-game and not giving up on them is something I would find attractive.

Would ideally like to stay on Alliance Side if possible and I am flexible to any realm!

Any questions let me know!

Also to add, I would of course be looking for a social spot at this time!
Hey there,

reading your post, i am really convinced The Dambusters (est 2009) can be your new home in WoW :) I am a mature and slighty older WoW player myself (33) and i am raidleading one of the two raidteams this wonderfull and social guild has.

We are filling the last spots in our roster to wrap up HC Antorus and move to Mythic before BFA is live. This team will also raid in the new expansion. We raid 3 times a week (2 progress runs on Wednesday and Sunday 8-11 pm server time and a fun run on Friday from 8-11 pm) and use Discord to communicate.

If you got any questions or when your interested in joining us, let me know. Wisnix#2282 is my account.

Have a nice evening!

08/04/2018 18:24Posted by Alphavirus
Also to add, I would of course be looking for a social spot at this time!
And this is fine ofcourse! The guild is social based, so up to you when u decide to start raiding ;)
Found a guild :)

Thank you.

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