Returning player LF weekend guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi there as title says i'm looking for a guild that's active for raiding at weekends, as work and other RL commitments don't allow me to raid or play much during the week.
would prefer horde side but open to alliance as well.


I'm posting our recruitment thread here with a few caveats.
1: I don't recommend transferring to alliance until you have been promoted to at least our second trial rank.
2: We're currently in WoW hibernation until BFA for the most part. We're looking towards keeping ourselves busy with Bless in May.

We're a multi-gaming community that is focused on building long lasting relationships vs just filling our ranks with bodies. Our average age is about 28yrs old and we understand that RL gets in the way of our gaming hobby.

You can find more information at our recruitment thread:

If you're interested, then please join our discord so that we can have a chat.
Have an awesome day.

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