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Hello there reader and a good day to you!

I have recently returned to wow and after giving it a couple of weeks I feel it is time to make the push and find a nice Guild to run with.

I'm looking for a Guild that has a fun atmosphere while also buckling down when it matters. Not looking for anything hardcore but at the same time I'm not afraid to push the envelope.

I am usually free to raid from about 9pm server time onward during the week, weekends can be a little sketchy but I will always know in advance.

I am currently situated on Kor' gall but am not averse to transferring.
Hey there Phocron, Im the guild leader to the guild <The Demons within> On the Magtheridon server. We are a social raiding guild that has been around for 2 years now and in that time we have created a fun close knit community with a relaxed atmosphere.
We are currently progressing HC Antorous (9/11 HC) and are looking for more to join us. However we do have a social/alt Normal antorus run on wednesday where everyone is welcome to join. As i said we are social and both in game guild chat and our discord is usually active! Also when we are not raiding we do mythic+ dungeons, old raid content (guild achievement runs and tmog runs) as well as battlegrounds etc so theres always something going on here ^^

If interested please add me on b.net :- Nekochi#2301 and we can have a chat ^^
Happy gaming!
Hi there!

AP is back in action after a long WoD/Legion hiatus. We are seeking the core to form the backbone of our BfA Mythic push. Raiding 2 nights only, while upholding great progress. I think we can offer you more than a simple raid position, we can offer you a home!

This is our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618173210

Feel free to poke me on Waldon#2856

Saw your post and thought I'd leave our details for you to look at because it sounds like our guild would be a great place for you :)

Diverse Depravity.
Dentarg/Tarren Mill
Raid days:
Wednesdays and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 server time

Diverse Depravity is a newly formed guild and we are currently searching for people to fill our raiding roster. We're currently looking for exceptional dps but our priority at the moments is healers. We have 11/11NM 3/11 HC and hope to bolster our roster so that we can continue HC pushing :)

We focus at the more social side of game like doing events together with our new and casual players and then we have a serious take on our raiding environment where our raiders can come together and enjoy progression pushing.

We are also trying to ensure that we have a stable raid core to push into BfA.

Our guild is free of toxicity and any behaviour of this type is swiftly dealt with.
We use discord for communication on a daily basis and we really want to form great social bonds between all members of our guild.

We like to run mythics, old meta achievs and do glory runs as well :p just for the lols and do a full normal clear on mondays.

If you are interested and  you need anymore information and have any questions to ask please add one of our battle tags and chat!

Please check out our website at https://www.diverse-depravity.com/
You will be able to find everything you wany to know about us on here.

Thanks for Reading.
Kind Regards.
Mr Lobo.

You'd be welcome to join us!

Burn Phase (Frostwhisper) (11/11 HC ANT) is a casual group of working men and women who are looking for more people to strengthen our roster :) We raid every Thursday and Sunday Between 20:00-23:00. And do events like M+ on off days.

Please contact me at: xandread#1761 for more information!
hello there! We are currently looking for new recruits, check out the info below and hit me up if you are interested.. Thanks!

TLDR of Distraction

We are a casual raiding horde guild on Boudlerfist, Currently re-forming after a long break. Most of the leaders carried on raiding into mythic content with other guilds which puts us in good stead for the end of this xpac and going into next.

Our aim is to be a heroic only raid guild, clearing content at a competitve rate and moving onto glory raid chieves when we have it on farm. But honestly the main aim is to build a community worth bragging about. A home away from home as it were!

Raid: We are coming back from a long break, so as soon as we have a stable team we will be farming heroic antorus. Aim is to start the week of the 30th of April.
Experience needed: We would like it if you had atleast normal antorus experience but honestly we are willing to help anyone of all levels just as long as it does not impact the whole team!
Age: We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 18+.
Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday
Raid Type: Heroic only every expansion!
Raid time: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Raid Leader: Crafty - (4/11 Mythic Antorus Experience, heroic argus killed over 20 times)
Recruitment: Recruiting all classes and specs at the moment.
Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/cXHVhsKrapr3dAjn2
Do you want socials? More than anything!! Hit up the app and join us!
Important Contacts:
Craftyz#2107 - GM
Therion#1510 - Officer
Community Discord (Try before you buy):

Have a look at our forum post! https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618213969#1

kazzak <Freelancer> is looking for more people its a fresh and newly made guild.
would maybe be a good start when its a new start just like the rest of us.
we are planning on doing atleast heroic raiding and maybe if people want later on also mythic.
me myself i do mythic+ evet week and would be nice to have some more people around who like to put in some effort :)

feel free to add me on Btag zerojk#2547
let me know if you have any quetions or go to https://discord.gg/u76JF
to put in a application

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