Big pulls - cant handle it

Hello, I'm trying to learn healing class. Until level 60 I actually fare quite good except for minor issiues with mana managament but I'm still new and I want everyone to live so I heal even dps when they're stupid enough to stand in fire or playing as tank. But recently I got quite sad - I joined in dungeon in Helfire Citadel, tank didnt even ask me, just started to pull about 30+ mobs (the entire courtyard). I healed it for like 5 minutes but then my mana ran out ant tank pulled more and more... And then we died. The tank yelled at me that I suck because I cant take a big pull and that he plays from the vanilla and he never saw worse healer. The dps kicked him and comforted me but I'm still sad and I have one question for you - if I cant handle a VERY BIG pull, do I suck in healing? Could I chose other class? Thank you for respones...
No, you don't suck, and it's not your fault the tank is clueless. The few times I've tried healing I've realized playing with friends and avoiding LFG helps a lot. ^^
Its a party of 5 ppl.

All need to work together in order to pull big, not just the healer.
Such people are best ignored, they don't realize that since 7.3.5 you can't pull a lot anymore. Especially the hellfire ramparts dungeon where tanks get a 50% healing debuff. ;o
Thank you people, I hope youre right. I love priest class but I had my doubts if I'm good enough for it... :)
Holy is terrible through dungeons ATM. Go disc and you'll see a world of difference till level cap.
its a bad habit from the past.
tanks are used to pull the whole dungeon and solo it, no heals or dps needed.
since scaling changes the dungeons dont work like that any more, but players still do :P
Dont worry, theres nothing wrong with "sucking" especially if youre a new player.

And Tanks shouldnt pull that much ever in low level dungeons due to the new 7.3.5 leveling.

There isnt one experienced vanilla healer which could heal a whole 10 elite mob dungeon at once currently either tbh.
The 'gogogogo never stop' mentality that is permeating all levels of instanced content is especially frustrating for healers. It actually makes runs stressful. You often don't have the time to even type that you need to drink, let alone actually drink, because the group is already two rooms ahead pulling the next three packs.

It does not help that after 40, and then again after 60, dungeons do ramp up in difficulty. You get more packs, meaner creatures, more boss mechanics and mechanics/aoe/mandatory interrupts on trash.

It is partly the legacy of dungs being a faceroll stomp for so long, but what I dislike on a fundamental level is how Blizzard is still making conscious design decisions to reinforce that behaviour. When levelling, you get the biggest chunk of XP for completing a random run, which encourages quantity over quality of runs - the more dungs you speed through, the larger your XP gain. When doing endgame content, people are even more prone to speeding because of Mythic+ being timed. People feel like they absolutely have to do it in time, even though the key bearer might not even care about upgrading their key and the dungeon chest being 2 items instead of 3 is irrelevant most of the time because the actual big gear upgrades are in your weekly chest that you get regardless of the timer. Yet people still somehow obsess about the clock. I even had a run a few days back during which the party leader had to go AFK for two minutes because of a house emergency. We had one person leave immedietely, even though it was not their key so nothing was at stake for them and even if we failed the timer, it had no effect on their rewards. I honestly wish M+ wasn't timed. You could even make it much harder, but allow people to approach it at a reasonable pace. Make it a puzzle to figure out instead of a mad dash.

Anyway, this is unfortunately not likely to change in the near future, if ever. If you want to continue healing pugs, you will have to live with it and grow a thick skin. Only actual advice I can give you is to consider stocking up on mana potions. Personally, I've come to a point that I keep two or three stacks on me at all times and when in a dung, I pop them pretty much on cooldown. Doing that has smoothed my mana usage immensely. It's still not enjoyable to have to be always running after people and hoping you can round the bend before they die, but at least mana is less of a problem.

I do that with my drood that's a Restoration main. I make her chug so much of the blue stuff she must be addicted to it in a way that would make the Nightfallen look like kids that can't have candy before dinner. I do have Alchemy and Herbalism on her though, so I can make my own pots and get the materials for them for free (for Legion pots the cool thing is that they're made from an herb that's used exclusively for making health and mana pots, so I'm not wasting any of the herbs I use for making money and I can make literally hundreds at a time since the mats are so plentiful). If you have a different profession setup and/or are running Old World content while levelling, it might be more tricky to do this without it being a drain on your gold.
Big pulls typically require a pre-made to do it especially in lower dungeons and higher M+ cc chaining helps and tank cant just sponge it like the old days anymore. So TL:DR dont lose sleep over it :)
You're nothing to blame here, it was all the Tank's fault and you shouldn't feel sad.

Thank God the dps players did the right thing by kicking the Tank for his awful behavior but it could also go the total opposite, even when they're totally wrong by thinking it's you that is to blame.

Expect more toxic people tho, they are really out there but try to judge your own capabilities and see right through them and ignore them.

And thank you for rolling healer and keeping us alive, we can never have enough of you guys in the game, you are always very welcome!
First point - yes, you can pull several packs and get away with it, if both tank and healer AND dps are skilled and they all know the limits of each other's class and gear. Not every class of a tank can pull 3 packs comfortably, and not every class of a healer can heal this.

Second point - pulling one pack at a time when it's clear that your group can handle more is a really !@#$ty practice for a tank. I normally just check out what my healer can handle, and if he can comfortably heal more - I'll pull more. If he clearly struggles, I'll pull less, because whatever time you save by large pulls will be scratched by a wipe.

Third point - If you are new, you are at full right to ask your tank to be more careful and to pull less, or go slower. If he doesn't - he's the one at fault. That said, you still should read a guide to your class or at least know exactly how your abilities work and what synergy there is. I saw a shaman who used his equalizing totem on cooldown yesterday, which is clearly not what it's meant for.

Fourth point - I often see tanks who pull a lot while not having skill to back this up - and the result is mobs roaming all over the group, or tank taking WAY too much damage for any healer to heal. I literally saw a warrior yesterday who didn't use his ignore pain, because he spent his rage on DEEPS. And then flamed a healer. Like, what the hell are you doing, man?
If the tank (or dps) pull so much you run out of mana and/or cast time, it's not your fault that the group is dieing. Or if you have extra healing to do because people take avoidable damage (stand in fire, not run from spirit ghosts in Sethekk Halls etc).

You just can't heal stupid!

@Olyvaria: Totally agree.
Currently we have old style pull-all runs in the daily random hc too. Although I understand why, it's not fun when you never get to hit the mobs as a caster. Some places even bosses are dead before you reach them if you want or need to loot anything. Feels bad also that you have to spend time crafting or buying pots just because tanks and dps want to see their own big numbers.
Holy is broken at Low levels... try discipline
Myself don't understand why players want faster run as like feel less grinding.

I tried leveling my nightborne/void elf.
Me as tank, wanted fast queue.
I careful pulled. Since I knew blizz changed scaling dungerons harder.

But, DPS pull more....Made me pissed off.
Some tanks haven't noticed the changes yet, but some leveling a new character surely play a tank at end game in full raid gear. I did a HC CoS last night with a guildie, him DPS in pretty crappy gear and me healing on a semi-shiny alt. The tank in particular was geared to the teeth and could have done most of it without heals but we had a wipe when he decided to attack the second boss with the adds still up. There was no chance for me to heal that, being a bit rusty and lacking gear, so one by one the party dropped. Even the tank. A positive note is that no one started throwing blame around. The tank just stated he'd do it the "normal" way (getting the adds to come out first so you kill the boss alone) which worked perfectly.

Ofc, an experienced player like that would probably quickly see the error of mass pulls in HFC and change his tactics...
The tank should be checking the situation to make sure the healer can keep up, if the tank pulls beyond what the healer can heal through then its not the healers fault. I play in all 3 roles of tank, healer and DPS, so if I'm tanking a dungeon I don`t rush in pulling everything in sight unless I feel the healer can cope with it

DPS should also be aware of the healers abilities as DPS standing in fire etc can drain mana much faster and put a lot more pressure on the healer keeping the group alive

I don`t generally opt to heal in random groups anymore as having played healing classes in previous expansions most random groups with there rush mentality just cause healers to have in the main a much more stressful experience than is needed, rushing ahead and never checking healers Mana reserves or status prior to pulling bosses or large groups, and then when people die , who do they blame, yes the poor healer than generally has done nothing wrong.
My old guild leader (also raid leader) always said this when I still raided in his guild:

"Fewer mobs pulls makes the dungeon or raid go faster."

Simple philosophy that I still do. An example of this happened the other day. I was on my void elf, minding my own business, and idiot comes along, calls me noob for just pulling 1-2 mobs at a time. I sat down (on a tree branch btw for safety) and watched on when a few minutes later he was trying to pull a large group and go slaughter by the group. He whispered asking why I didn't help. I answered saying he called me a noob, then gave a version of the philosophy above. Just a few days later I was some 15 levels higher, and a few days ago I saw the player again, still around level 70 or 71 something like it. My void elf was not well geared when this happened as I don't need heirlooms for leveling (my void elf has soloed Magtheridon twice already - at 85 and 92 - and both times at relative ease).

OP, just learn to do healing how YOU feel comfortable about it, and as a player once stated back in TBC days (maybe four days after I started to play):

"Never piss off the healer as they can simply not bother to rezz or heal you."

That philosophy still stands the test of time over and over.
Always a bad tank that overpulls msing mobs in hfp dungeon and dies and leaves the party.

We manage it fine without them tho.
10/04/2018 17:25Posted by Shayrala
"Never piss off the healer as they can simply not bother to rezz or heal you."

And ofc - in case of a wipe - "if the healer corpseruns so do you".

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