So what do we call this war?

Ok, I think it might be a little important if we had a name for this big war about to hit us other than 'the war'.

Sure, calling it 'the war' will make sense during the course of Battle of Azeroth but once it's over and done with if someone mentions 'the war' they might get confused with all the other wars out there.

The first three wars all have names, the first, the second and the third wars.

So does that make this the Fourth War?

Well you MIGHT think that, but then you'd have to ignore the Alliance-Horde war we had in Mists of Pandaria.

But that isn't called the Fourth War. In fact it doesn't even have a name. Was it the Pandaria war? The Pandaria campaign? The Alliance-Horde War?

But this is an Alliance-Horde war were the first two wars.

We really need appropriate names for these conflicts so that everyone knows what anyone is talking about when they refer to an Alliance-Horde conflict.

I suggest that as the first three wars follow a similar system, we go with that.
We classify the war during Pandaria as the Fourth War, and the upcoming conflict in Battle for Azeroth as the Fifth War.

Unless anyone has a better idea?
The War of Warcraft?
The War for Azeroth?
The Second Alliance-Horde war.

I'm not sure what constitutes for a numbered war like the First, Second and Third War's. (At least in-universe. Obviously it's just Blizzard being lazy and naming each war after the game they were in).
16/04/2018 19:40Posted by Aeula
The Second Alliance-Horde war.

So World War II?
Battle for Abilities
16/04/2018 20:02Posted by Razorjaw
Battle for Abilities

We have a winner.
The We've had enough of your !@#$ war describes this war perfectly

As the alliance are done with the horde always disappointing and backstabbing from their PoV

And the horde is done with the alliance acting all mighty and delivering punishments here and there for things that they aren't even responsible for.

Atleast this is what I understand what this war is to be. The horde seems really willing to fight the alliance this time and are going to extreme measures to win this war and no one is having a problem with it generally. So there must be a reason for the horde to want to fight the alliance I can only think of these but there could be more.

1) The stormheim attack
2) The broken shore failure and alliance giving us %^-* even thou the root of the problem was actually alliance based
3) The Silithus attacks
4) Night elves refusing trade everytime something happens without even finding out the reasons and thus causing famine in orgri
5) The alliance could have done something we don't know off in the prologue of BFA
6) Camp Turajo
7) Knowing that the alliance will eventually try to take them out and trying to get the first move

As for the alliance part well it's pretty obvious why they want to fight the horde but I'll still list it

1) Garrosh and the theramore bombing
2) Retrieving lordearon
3) Gen's hatred for Sylvannas
4) The broken shore's alliance PoV even thou I think Mathias shaw should have clarified that It was all a trap and he couldn't deliver the news because he was kidnapped and impersonated and the person delivering false reports that the horde are trying to get us while were busy is actually a dreadlord in disguise and not actually him
5) Tired of horde randomly slaughtering them sometimes
6) Fear of horde attacking us and ending us without knowing since they are showing signs of that
7) Allowing the horde super powerful resources could prove really problematic specially since they have the plague and mana bombs with them if they have Azerite too they won't be afraid to use it against us and probably will
8) Anger for the forsaken because they are raising our fallen
9) Orcs Killing of Sentinels in ashenvale EVERY TIME!
10) The Wrathgate incident even thou that was cleared up and they made amends but maybe because the forsaken used the plague again could raise doubts that maybe that was actually intentional
16/04/2018 20:02Posted by Razorjaw
Battle for Abilities

We have a whiner.

We have a whiner.


Thank god, atleast I know the difference between cyclone and hibernate.

But hey... I guess for you Chaosbolt is also just another incinerate... So why not remove Chaosbolt?
Wrath of the Lich Queen
16/04/2018 19:16Posted by Kairos
Ok, I think it might be a little important if we had a name for this big war about to hit us other than 'the war'.

Battle for Azeroth?
War of the Old Gods
The war of why. As annoying as the last one.
What do we call the war: Battle for Azeroth - Simple.
Boredom Forgoes Apathy?
At this rate it seems like it will be the war for better class designers.

Though for the pandaria "war" I suppose we could call it the massive waste of time since it seemed to do nothing.
The War that happens just for the sake of forced faction conflict
The RNG Sylvanas - Manduin face off?
16/04/2018 20:02Posted by Razorjaw
Battle for Abilities

That is for sure what the expansion is gonna be remembered as. :D
It's literally called...


It will be remembered as, the battle for azeroth.

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