[A] <BattleRagers> Recruiting 6/11M

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hi All,

We are currently recruiting for our Mythic Raiding team and prep for BFA.
Looking for :
A tank (so our off spec can go back to main spec)
A healer (any type will be considered, though would be great to have a priest to complete our variety)
Ranged DPS
Exceptional Melee DPS

While raiding only 2 nights a week, and only 2.5 hours on each of those nights (Wed/Sun 21:00-23:30 game time), we don't raid for that long, and are extremely proud of our ranking position on the realm considering this fact. (Raid Smarter, not Longer)

Apart from our raiding scene, we are also found doing multiple M+ groups throughout the week, and will also run a Social/Alt run on Saturdays through HC Antorus to help gear toons we like to play on the side.

For more questions, whisper one of us in game, or visit our website http://battleragersguild.net/

Should you have no questions, you will find a short application form on the site that you will need to fill in. We do this to ensure we can vet players joining the guild in an effort to avoid issues and politics. We are very happy with the atmosphere within our guild and would like to keep it that way, that is why we are one of the oldest guilds on the realm.

Penguinx (Raid Leader)
Still recruiting :)

Both for now, and also for BFA!

No longer needing a tank.
Still recruiting Ranged and Healers.
Still recruiting Ranged and Healers for Kin'garoth progress

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