Amnesia Recruitment Invitational!

Looking for Players – PvE
Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening to you all!!

If you have stumbled upon this forum then you must be wondering what this is all about, So let us get right down to business.

As many guilds are, our guild is currently recruiting to further solidify our mythic roster. The usual measures are being taken..

Checking Logs, Checking wow progress, Checking the forums, Having a merry old chat in the pink..

.. but sometimes its good to see those potential recruits in action and of course in turn it is good for those recruits to see how the guild they may be applying for or contacted by, do there thing.

With that in mind, we at Amnesia have taken it upon ourselves to run a little open invitational for those looking for a new guild to come show off there talents and for us to show you guys how we work in a raid environment. Best of both worlds and a platform for everyone to build new relationships. Sounds good right?

So whats the TLDR?
Raid Day: Tuesday 27th of March
Raid time: 20h00-23h00ST - 3 hour raid.
Voice Chat: Discord
Raid: Antorus, Heroic, Full Clear or as far as the 3 hours allow us.
Open Raid Link:

..All of the other info is on the open raid link provided. If you do not have or you do not use open raid, that's fine! Add me on BTAG at Craftyz#2107 and ill put you in the roster.

Now you may, of course, want to know a little more info about us so i will leave a link to our recruitment post etc. with all the relevant info to help make your decision at the end of this post.

Any feedback and/or more info you need feel free to comment on here or again hit me up on my BTAG.

Thanks for your time and i hope to see you there!

Amnesia Info:
Have a look at our forum post!
We also have a website:
You can also check out our WowProgress profile
.. and our logs!
4 days until raid night!
10/10 can vouch for us all being crazy and Crafty being unintentionally hilarious!

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